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2017 screens dimming at idle

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Hey, quick question for newer boat owners. Every time I come off plane and idle back to pick up my rider, both of the screens dim. Voltage is reading 12.7-12.8 in gear and immediately goes up to 13.4-14 as soon as I give it a bit of throttle, then screen goes back to full intensity. Is this normal? Batteries are brand new. 

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Yeah, alternator should take over after it is started. I'm guessing bad alternator too. Boat has 7 hrs on it and the original/new batteries were dead and dealer replaced them. Service guy said Malibu won't warranty alternators since they test them before leaving the factory. If they die after arrival, then it's the dealer or owners fault. 

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If you are using the surf gate, it will auto retract when you drop below 7 mph.  Perhaps a low battery combined with the draw from the surf gate actuator is causing the screens to dim when you slow down.  I've often found that the alternator is unable to completely recharge low batteries that are also powering a stereo, wedge and surf gate motors.  Try to fully charge the batteries with a portable or onboard charger and see if you have the same issue.  Also, make sure the battery connections and the main power post connection on the port stringer are all tight.  See if your have the latest viper2 screen update (I think it should be "MY2017 -  v02-2017v2" on a 2017 wakesetter), sometimes that can make a difference by fixing minor screen programming bugs.  Hope this helps.

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Stereo not running and not surfing. Literally coming off plane with zero electronics running besides motor and dash. No ballast pumps, no heater blower, nothing. So, my guess is bad alternator. Gotta get a video or have dealer water test to show the problem to Malibu for them to warranty the alternator. And batteries were brand new, fully charged at the dealership when I took it out yesterday. 

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