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Monsoon 325 rebuild cracked cylinder walls

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Hi all,

I’m rebuilding a storm damaged 01 Escape that has an Indmar Monsoon 325 (GM 5.7L MPI) and have removed all engine components to discover two small cracks, one in cylinder #1 and one in #5.

Has anyone encountered this before? Is it worth it to bore and/or sleeve these cylinders? Anyone know a source for new/used engine blocks? Any other ideas?

Pictures soon.



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The whole assembly is pretty reasonable. I think you would have to hit the used market for a block only. They are everywhere in Georgia I don't know where you are but a sbc is the most common engine ever. 


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image for upload

I don’t follow what you mean by “all the stuff that is going to be ruined,” can you elaborate?

All of the other components of the engine are in very good condition, otherwise. I think these cracks formed due to water in the cylinders sitting for awhile. I cleaned away some rust and and found the cracks. 

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You have a 17 year old engine that has had water in it.

You need a block, gaskets, rings, crank and rod bearings, crank grind, cam bearings, waterpump, oil pump just to start.  Chances are good that your rods need to be reconditioned and heads need to be redone. 

By the time you are all done you will be money and a ton of time ahead just dropping a new long block in.  Or take a damaged engine, plop all the stuff in a junkyard block and maybe it will last, maybe it'll blow up in an hour.


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Fair enough. I was holding onto hope albeit naive to think it would all come together with just a new block. Your suggestion is the right one, and I’ve just got to bite the bullet!

I’ll try to recoup some in selling parts individually.

Next step is to find someone to test the ECM.. any suggestions there?

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I would wait until you get the engine back together and see what's what with the ECM.

I repaired a water damaged boat that had a submerged ECM, that then sat outside in snow and rain for almost a year. ECM was still good. They are VERY well sealed.

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