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Charlotte NC Dealer switch


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Looks like the Cobalt dealer is taking over the Malibu line in Charlotte. This will be like the 5th Malibu dealer in CLT over the last 20 years. I hope this dealer keeps the line. Tired of musical dealers. I suspect it may also have something to do with the Malibu purchase of Cobalt. Might end up happening at other locations. 

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From what I can tell, Malibu of Charlotte is no more, They (Southtown Watersports) already carry Supra, Moomba and now Mastercraft as well. This is all info I deduced looking at their websites so it could be off. Agree, its been crazy how the dealer has jumped around so much. It now looks like there are 3 dealers selling MC in the area so that seems more surprising to me. I hope LKN Marina does a good job, they are right on LKN so I would think that could be to their advantage. I had worked with them in the past on previous boat and they seem to do a nice job.

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This is fantastic news, hopefully this dealer sticks.  They are right on my way to the lakehouse and they deal Bennington toons as well.  I've gotta get the FIL out of his Harris and into a Bennington.  Also this is the first time a Malibu dealer has been on the water, hopefully that leads to more events :thumbup:  

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Or y'all can just make the treck to Raleigh for Covefest! :rockon: It's basically a Malibu Owner's reunion considering the number of Malibu and Axis boats we have out on the water now.

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I like Southtown Watersports, they sold me a custom Soulcraft board that I love... and I also work and surf with Evan Frierbrand. Looking forward to a demo on a Supra SL this Spring with them too. Think that boat is gonna be a contender and it has my attention tho its highly doubtful I wanna upgrade right now. Pretty happy with my 2014 that will not depreciate much in next 2 yrs

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These are very nice lofty goals, hope you put in place a strategy that will allow you to reach those goals. To my reputation, I will add that the delayed service warning is not playing in your favor :).

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I used LKN Marina years ago before I bought my Malibu, we are talking pre 2010 but it sounds like most of the same people are still there. Anyway, all my experiences were positive with them and the fact that they are on here talking to us pessimists says a lot. I am looking forward to see how they do. Welcome to the crew! BTW, if you haven't figured it out yet we like pictures on here so feel free to post them up LKNM!

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Hey, worst case if I have to take the boat into the shop now at least I can stop at The Blue Parrot and grab a beer after.  Southtown perfomed good work on a few things for my boat a while back, including a fantastic job on some vinyl,  but the location was turrble and the service parking lot was at best not easily navigable with a long/low trailer. 

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On 1/30/2018 at 4:27 PM, LKNMarina said:

Regarding the delayed service warning, it may be good to give you the history of who we are. We are a family owned and operated business since 1973. Our lead tech has been here 34 years, second tech 32 years, 20 year tech, etc. etc. We have a 6 bay service department with the grading for 4 more bays starting next week, as we are out of space related to amount of technicians and volume of boats. I can say with absolute certainty that there is not a service team or facility in this market that has our experience, capability, or amount of master certified technicians. Which also means that with Malibu warranty, we will not be the dealer who gets your boat in and just wings it. We are putting every technician, service writers, service manager, parts managers, etc. through Malibu training at the factory so their is no opportunity for misstep out of the gate. I hope you understand that this is to better serve our customers, not to try and push it off. This market has suffered enough related to towboats with dealers who just "wing it" when it comes to taking care of the owner's boats. Hope that makes sense, and thanks for mentioning it, definitely needed clarification!!

Looking forward to meeting you guys. 

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On 1/26/2018 at 4:53 PM, Infinitysurf said:

I also work and surf with Evan Frierbrand. 

I got to surf with Evan back in June. He came out on my buddy's boat (247 LSV; he is a member here) one day while our group was there for our yearly trip to my buddy's lake house (Wakefest).  

Evan got me out on a Soulcraft and I was hooked...ordered one a few days later (The Emily).

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