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Triaxel with 14's or Tandem with 18's


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Alright, so I've owned 3 different 23 LSV's and I'm about to order a 24 MXZ.  The 23 LSV is a great boat, but I love the look and feel of the Gen 2 MXZ.  I put about 190 hours on my boats per year and I trailer a lot.  It's 2 hours to the lake and I take that drive almost every weekend from April through September.  I've been told that with the 24 MXZ it is best to get the triaxel trailer so the tail does not touch the ground as often.  I'm conflicted though, I'm wondering if a tandem axel trailer with 18 inch wheels would be better as it should sit a bit higher and then I wouldn't be burning tires as bad when I'm making tight turns like at the boat launch.  I generally just go with the 14's as I am not worried about having big expensive rims on my trailer and since I trailer so much I have to replace tires every couple of years.  So my question is:  Should I go with a tandem axel trailer with 18" wheels or a triaxel trailer with 14" wheels?

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If the trailer is leveled correctly, it shouldn't make a difference launching and retrieving. The 18" with lower profile tires should have a very similar diameter to a 14" with a higher profile. As for dragging the prop guard, it may make a small improvement with the triple only because the front axel would be slightly forward and the rear slightly further back than a tandem. I think there would be very little difference mother than the triple would handle the weight a little bette regardless of wheel size. 

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At least on my 2016, I think the Malibu trailers tow very nicely.   My dealer's driver has commented he like how they tow as well.   I personally would stick with the tandem.   Yea, the tri looks cool on bigger boats, but to me just seems like another set of tires to maintain that probably adds little value or practicality to the setup.   And you already mentioned they go to be a b&^ch to turn.  

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I’ve talked to a couple different dealers about this, as I was in your same situation. 

The first thing they asked was, what are you towing with? If it’s a HD truck the tandem is fine. 

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I see no advantage of going with 14"s.  

And I agree on the poster who said your tow vehicle should influence the trailer decision.  When towing with my Yukon XL, I would really like a tri-axle as I am not in love with the sway I can get.  Towing with a DRW, the tandem is fine.

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Thank you for all the information.  The dealer suggested triaxle so I don't touch ground with the back end with the longer boat.  It would be in many more situations than the boat launch.  I would say the most common place to touch with the back end is gas stations.  I went with the triaxle as I will be pulling with a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. 

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