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Depth Finder Install Axis A20


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In trying to avoid paying $450 each time the depth finder transducer fails, I'm asking the brain trust their advice. The plan: install Hawkeye depth transducer and somehow plug into existing wiring harness.

Can I find the right female plug to go directly to the pre-wired depth finder wires (as shown in pictures)?

If I do find a way to wire it up correctly, is there any reason why the computer wouldn't show the data on the dash of a 2014?

http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p475/safegate/Depth Finder Plug_zps8gdu4pmv.jpg

http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p475/safegate/depth finder transducer_zpsj7jhevnl.jpg

http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p475/safegate/depth finder transducer wiring_zpseofxlxhx.jpg

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The plug is a standard Metri-pack connector.  You will have to buy the proper pins to go in the connector housing.  Just google around for kits at amazon or other places, or buy the items individually.  These ideally require a special crimp tool, but you can do it with a pair of pliers if you are careful.

Here is one place selling them:

C-MP6-SFP on the Female side(the connector you have pictured)


Delphi Manufacturer part # is 12052848 if you want to search google for dozens of places that sell em.

C-MP6-SMS on the Male side


Delphi Manufacturer part # is 12124107

As for the wiring itself, as you know you will need to determine the wiring diagram on both transducers.  The hawkeye you might can determine online with some searching, manual, or contacting Hawkeye.  Any idea who makes the transducer in your boat?  I have never looked at them.  Any part numbers or markings on the factory one?  Are they both the same amount of wires?  As for the data showing on the dash, it would obviously have to be the same electrical signal coming from the transducer.  Maybe somebody else here knows if they are the same.

I wonder if the factory units are from Airmar?  They seem to be a large player in the market.

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Thanks Turner. The correct connector plugs will make it much easier. 


For wiring, I assume the (4) wires are: positive, negative, depth reading, temperature sensing. 


I don't have one installed so I can't check out the markings. Maybe someone else knows?


 From other threads, the KHz signal may cause an issue if it's different. I highly doubt malibu tech support would give me that info.

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Or I can just use a different 4-pin quick connect to make the connection neat. 


Last question I have at this point is the KHZ compatibility. I suppose I could just buy the transducer and test it out.

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Well in my search of finding a solution, I found an Airmar Depth/temp gauge with a part number almost identical (previous version) to the one people have installed in their '14 T22.

The KHz is 235. The connection plug is the exact match and the wires are in the correct 4 slots of the 6 pin connector. 

I'll give it a shot.

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Now that was perfect and timely @Raimie and 1/2 price or less

isn’t there a spare something already in the vdrive tranny area under the cover that is for a depth finder, what is that again??, my 14 has one 

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@SafeGate just finding this thread as I'm new to this forum as well as a new owner of a 14 A24.  I've just installed the Hawkeye unit into the center of my dash and have the wiring and transducer waiting for me to glue in.  Curious, how did your install go?  Where did you mount your transducer?  I've tested a few spots in the center bilge area and am not finding a good one.  Thanks!

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Install went well. I had an A20 so i can't be much help except saying this. You can call or email customer support at malibu and they will send you an engineers drawing (auto cad looking) of where the underwater gear should be mounted. I will give exact measurements on where they'd put one in from the factory. 

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