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Cutting VDrive hose... what tool?

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What tool would you use to trim a VDrive Hose...? Had to cut one because I couldn’t pull it off... only a few inches. Just curious what tool would be easiest to make a clean cut? Thanks. 

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If you are talking about the rubber hose for cooling, etc. I have used tin snips in the past. 

If one end is stuck, try soaking in WD-40 or something and using pliers to really grab and twist on it.   It will ruin the hose likely, but if you are to the point of cutting, that probably doesn't matter now.   The tin snips would be tough to cut into a hose end that is still stuck.   

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12 minutes ago, gahvey said:

That probably won't work. There is a thick metal reinforcement running through the raw water hose.

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I've always just used a handheld saw that holds a sawzall blade to make the cut.  When you get to the wire, just snip with a pair of cutters.  And then I'd also suggest digging the wire out of each end for an inch or two and snipping it short and pushing it back in the hose wall, because those suckers are sharp and will invariably poke a hole in your hand sometime down the road if you don't.  Well maybe not your hand, but my hand.

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44 minutes ago, BaBaLoO said:

Pull the hose off cut it with a Zip disk or saw it off, do it right, should take less than 10 minutes. 

That’s what I am doing I already had to cut it to get it off... just want a cleaner cut


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37 minutes ago, hethj7 said:

 Must be winter - 10 replies on how to cut a rubber hose.  We are all ready for warmer weather!

V Drive hose isn’t all rubber and has a metal wire in it. A little more to it than just cutting a rubber hose. 

Yes bring on warmer weather. :rockon:

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53 minutes ago, hethj7 said:

 Must be winter - 10 replies on how to cut a rubber hose.  We are all ready for warmer weather!

Yep - it has mostly been single digits or below up here all week and supposed to be worse this weekend.

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1 hour ago, boardjnky4 said:

depending on your fuel-tank location, v-drive drain plugs are only slightly less infuriating to get to :lol:

In my case, I was replacing a transmission.

I've pulled the drain plugs in a 2012 A20, there was more room to work with than in my 2012 VTX.

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