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Help!!! Malibu owner since 1997


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Since 1997 I have been blessed to have owned about 10 Malibu boats.  3 21’, 1 247 & 7 23’s.  I currently have a 2014 23 LSV which we absolutely love.  We are primarily a surfing family and I have 3 kids in there teens.  My boat is out of warranty and when we bought the 2014 the following year Malibu made some significant improvements.   I hate to say it but I think Malibu has proved me out of the market for a new 23 LSV despite the fact the wake is totally sick.   I am really contemplating a 18   A24 AXIS.  Boat has great reviews and has all the functionality one would need without those comfort creature that Malibu is known.  

Has anyone made the jump from Malibu to Axis?  Were you disappointed.  Was there a fall off in quality.  Are you happy?  My 2014 has 225 hours so either I keep it or make the change.  Thanks all and Happy Holidays.


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I tested an A24 last month.  I was surprised at how bothered I was with the return to manual switches, losing presets.  

For example:  Right now, I hit a preset that says 'surf' and everything is set up.  On the A24, I would have to change the speed, turn on the speed control. flip 4 ballast switches, set the surfgate to my side, program the wedge, and then remember to shut off the ballast when I see the overflow.  Then when I want to ride my chair, I have to do all of those things again.  Whereas currently, I go back to my other preset which does it all for me.  It doesn't sound like much, but in the practical world, I see my boating experience being better by not having to instruct my driver to do all of those things, or do it myself.   (read: my life is better when I stop yelling at my wife).  

The rear facing seat on the Axis really lacks.  It moves to various spots, which I thought was a really cool deal, but the backrests have to be installed separately, and I give it 1 season before the backrests break off.  Sitting without the backrests is a no go, unless you like falling over backwards when you let off the gas.   

Other than those 2 things, I loved the boat and was very impressed with the appearance of the surf wave, even though wind was blowing 30 MPH and we did not actually surf it.  It was very comfortable inside and I would still strongly consider it.  

I did not price out a 23 LSV, but because I would be able to trim down the A24 to just the necessities, I would have expected a 25-30K difference.  It looks like I won't be making a jump this year, but if I had priced out a 23 LSV it may have come closer than I thought... @Pnwrider would know better.  

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Thanks for feedback.  The pricing difference is about $23K.  We never use presets much and since we surf it is full ballast and one set speed.  You really appreciate the attention to details on Malibu.   The 2018 surf wake is wicked good, big difference with the new hull.  Will  have to surf the new A24 since at the end of the day it comes down to wake performance.  

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