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Re-routing heater vents?


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Has anyone ever re-routed their heater craft vents?  It really sucks that I have two vents under the dash and one in the walkway (100% heat up front only).  Tonight I purchased 20' of hose, 3 new hot tubes, Chrome trim rings and hoping to have a fun upgrade/addition.   Going to disconnect the walkway and leave it blank, add 1 hot tube mounted to the side of the sub under the dash for my feet, add 1 hot tube starboard side on the other side of the cooler wall (back right corner), add 1 hot tube coming straight out of the observer cave on the wall underneath the seat.  It appears I can route the hose behind the gunnel on the starboard side without issues.  For the observer side it looks like I have a few options (route thru gunnel) or possible remove the cover plate to access the bow ballast pumps and route directly across into the cave.

Sharing the heater wealth for my crew.  If anyone has done this please post pics.  Thoughts/concerns?

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I rerouted mine from the aisle to the sub too. Pulls all the way over to the spotters seat. Or 2 vents up the drivers shorts.....doesn't suck.


On this boat, I've thought about running another hot tube under the throttle & behind the drivers seat. I'm sure it would be a popular seat.

In my old MC, I had 5 vents.....loved it!

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I change out the flexible tubing for lengths that will reach all the way to the back seat from the stock walkway position.Then I change one of the 2 under dash to a pull out with same length tube. Done that on my 06 and 12 model VLX. The stock pull out is nearly useless and barely reaches the observer seat. Have they fixed that in the new boats yet?

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Great idea im not happy with my sub box under the dash because it just doesnt look flush with space on each side.  I might just make a face board that stretches across and mount the ports on that face along with the sub like you all did

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