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Stero Questions


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So my amazing wife just surprised me with a complete Exile tower speaker setup (list below)and I have a few questions. Let me start by saying I am NOT an audio guy.... don’t get me wrong I love a good sounding stero but I know just  enough to be dangerous when it comes to installation and the technical side of things. For the back story our 15’ 22VLX  currently has the factory malibu system with two Fosgate Amps(tuned), cabin speakers and the factory sub that I built a new enclosure for. 

What we got...

4- 9” surf speaker with LED rings

XM30.2 amp

ZLD MKII line drive

my question is about the ZLD....  I understand what this unit does for output in different zones but I can’t wrap my simple mind around how this will work with the factory stero. If I install this can i still have all of audio controls I’ve grown to love about the Malibu screen/joystick? I like being able to adjust the volume and mute from the joystick and really don’t want to give that up. Is this the right unit for me or should I swap it out for the more simple EXDZ which I think sort of does the same functions without the master volume controls and crossover? Thanks for the input🤘🏻






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Thanks for the pic... I was wondering where to mount it. Are you still able to use the factory knob? Do the two work ok together or is it a one or the others kind of deal?

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yes the sport knob will still work for volume control but you will have to set the levels and zones on the ZLD to fit your preferences.

if you are going to primarily use the sport knob, I’d recommend mounting the ZLD on the right side of the helm then. Especially if you have little kids that like to push buttons and turn knobs

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Thanks Stevo. That’s exactly what I wanted to know. I’d like to think my kids know better (9/10) but it’s hard to resist turning knobs sometimes :)

i cant wait to get everything installed and hear how it sounds! This might just keep me occupied through the cold PNW winter. 

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