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Whats it worth!?


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I know this is a question that has a ton of variables but I thought id through it out there... So my wifes boss has a 2011 247 with 1100hrs, its a local boat that was originally used at a private resort teaching/ babysitting wakeboard lessons before her boss bought it. All of the maintenance has been done by our Malibu dealer here on the lake. The interior is a 7.5/10, exterior 7.5-8/10, has the 410, heater, shower, ect. Stock stereo w/ 1 set of rockford tower speakers. Has a trailer. Its hard to compare with boats that are on the market, it seems like you never see anything with that kind of hrs. 

What would you think its realistically worth!? 


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Not sure what Nada or KBB value that year/model at, but after seeing how the kids at Gozzer treat those boats, they should be discounted heavily. Have a 3rd party do a boat inspection for you. It'll be money well spent.

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Definitely should be discounted.  But that is largely due to the perception that those kind of hours spell out impending doom, which is totally not true.   But it is still the perception, so the boss is stuck with selling the boat for a lesser price.  And that is good for you, until it is your turn to sell.   I do find it a bonus that you have proven maintenance records available.  

Some ski/demo boats like that are treated very well, driven by good drivers are a real find.  I regularly ski behind a 2014 with 1500 hours on it and it literally looks like it has 100 hours or less on it and runs like brand new.  My buddy got it for less, and it has been very good to him.  

A 2011 should still be in great shape after a good detail, so I would be concerned if there are a lot of stains or tears in the vinyl.  I would check comparable boats and subtract 15 percent.  IMHO, not based on any factual data whatsoever.  

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Just to clarify I’m NOT looking at this boat! My wife’s boss was just kicking around the idea of selling since they won’t be around next season. I hear ya on the Gozzer guys! With that being said... Hagadone took it in on trade and then my wife’s boss bought it from them so I’m assuming they did an inspection on trade in and when they sold it again. I’m not sure how many hrs they have put on it since they got it but I’m guessing no more than 50? They are only in town a month or so a yr... Hrs really don’t scare me as we put 250/yr but I know the perception. 

 I actually thought this tread would get more traction than it has... 

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There's one that has been sitting for quite a while with 600 hours. Not sure if it's the aluminum trailer that's making people think it was used in salt or what but it has been there for months.  The key is to make sure to present the boat in excellent condition. My old boat (06 vlx) had close to 1500 when I just sold it for 30k but I had a HUGE stack of maintenance records, Seadek upgrade and the boat looked like new. The boat was pretty much loaded plus a ton of extras.  I had a couple people walk away before doing a color sand and buff just because the gelcoat was fairly scuffed up. There was nothing major that didn't buff out but trying to tell a buyer that they may or may not believe you. It took me and a buddy about 8 solid hours to really clean the boat up but it made probably at least a $3-5k difference in the perceived value of the boat. I regularly saw boats with less than a third the hours of my old one that were destroyed for one reason or another. Hours don't kill boats poor maintenance and neglect do. 

Post up some photos of it and maybe someone here will bite on it. 

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3 minutes ago, Ndawg12 said:

Wow, I stand corrected.  Kinda depresses me as these prices relate to my 2007 247 :cry: 

I wouldn't worry too much if yours is in better shape. When I stopped at Marine Max the sales guy didn't seem like he cared if I looked at these boats or not. There's a 23lsv for the same price and half the hours.  I guess they don't have to try too hard when people are walking in and buying G23's without steep discounts. 

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