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What type of drone?


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+1 for mavic pro. I just got the "quieter" platinum blades for mine, but don't really notice much difference, well other than my wallet 30 dollars lighter....

Make sure you understand the costs involved. ~$1,000 for the drone, $100 for each extra battery (~27 minutes fight time).. I got mine in a bundle on ebay for $1300 with 3 batteries and a bunch of other stuff. You'll need to make sure you have a computer that can process 4k video. Also a good video editor too, I use adobe premier pro ~$20 per month if you know someone with a educational email address for the student discount. 

So if you have a good computer your cost will be around $1500 if you go with different editing software. Also your time... if you want good quality footage, it takes time to learn how to drive the drone and even more time adding songs and what not to the footage.  

Here is one I made, the majority of footage is from my mavic, some from an Iphone. 


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I recently purchased the spark... the fly more pack with remote and two batteries for half what the Mavic cost...  haven’t had a chance to take it out on the boat yet, but I have read reviews that they have dropped out of the sky, so I figured I’d take the off season to test it.  so far I have had zero issues, but I have only flown it a few times. I am going camping and dirt biking in a couple weeks and I’m hoping to test it out quite a bit.  The only real issue I see is the battery life which is around 15 minutes.  Video quality has been better than I expected for this size drone.  

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50 minutes ago, agarabaghi said:

mavic pro if you want something fun and small.... but nothing compared to the inspire 2 footage =)

Yeah....unless you are a paid professional in media content, I don’t see 99% of the consumer market forking out $3500-6k for the inspire.

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I will note that having a gopro for other stuff is a pretty cool feature of the Karma, but if youre not into that then go with mavic.  I wanted the stabilizer and gopro for other stuff so it made the airframe a pretty cheap addition which is the only real reason I went with it. 

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On ‎12‎/‎18‎/‎2017 at 2:55 PM, Chia said:

does anyone use slow flying airplanes for video work? Apparently the new thing.


This could be the new thing, but sure sounds like the old thing.

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