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Trouble isolating noise in cabin speakers


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I am completely baffled as to what is happening here and hoping someone much better at this than I am may be able to help me pinpoint the issue.  I'll start with what I've got and what I have done, then will outline the things I have done to troubleshoot this.  I have a 2015 WS 23 LSV with the RF black-box HU.  I have a WS Syn 4 running the rev-10's and the standard 4-ch RF to run the cabin speakers.  Factory sub and amp, with a new enclosure, etc.  I also have a WS-420 zone controller.  I have rerun all the grounds and power sources to the same distribution block on the amp board, including the HU and zone controller.  When I turn on the blower, a loud noise is heard through the cabin speakers.  Nothing through the sub or tower. 

1- I have wired my phone directly to the amp that runs the cabin speakers with the blower on.  Sounds perfect.

2- I have run an amplified speaker on the cabin-out on the WS-420.  Sounds perfect.

3- I have tried multiple sets of RCA cables to the offending amp from the WS-420.  Sound persists. 

4- I have tried the rear out from the black-box to the WS-420 (for tower and sub control) and the front out directly to the cabin amp, bypasisng the WS-420.  Sounds perfect 

5- I have swapped in an Exile zone controller.  Sound persists.

The only thing I haven't eliminated is the speaker wires to the speakers, but since I can wire directly to the amp or use the front-outs from the black-box and get the sound to go away, I didn't go that far.  I'm out of guesses.  Thoughts?  You can hear the rotary knob through the cabins, but then the blower really kicks it up a notch.

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If you can run from the black box to the amp and have no noise, and you swapped out the 420 for another multi zone unit and still have noise, theres something going at or between what ever multi zone unit youre using. noise is in the cabin speakers? but not the tower? use the tower output to run the cabin speakers and see if you still have noise. and run the cabin outputs to the tower. see if the noise moves with the rca move. if it moves then I would say bad rca. If not, i would say bad out puts on 420, but you say youve swapped it with another unit. is it all the cabin speakers or just left or right? possible bad solder joint on the amp rca input, but not likely based on what youve said. Also, which set of rcas from the 420 did you re run? did you change the input rca coming from the output of the black box, or just the out put going to the amps?

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