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2018 23LSV hull opinions


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Sorry in advance for the long post. I have read a ton on this and did a recent search but am wondering specifically on the 18 23 LSV. 

I am a recreational open water slalom skier. I like to cut back and forth and that's about it. No buoys or course. I do ride at about 33mph. I have grown to enjoy surfing a lot and want to do more, but still maybe ski once or twice a week.

Does it pay to get the diamond for my needs?  Looking at surf wave pics it seemed like the diamond had a small line in the wave where the reverse chine is. I could not see this on wake hull pics. Not sure if that ridge/line affects the actual surfing. It's winter here and I can't get out behind one for a demo now.  

Anyone with an 18 LSV go with the diamond or since the boats are so much heavier now do most people get the wake plus hull?


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Can you post the pictures you are referring to?  The chines on the diamond hull are designed to only impact the rise at faster speeds, so I'd guess you should have pretty minimal disruption, if any.  But no real world experience with the new hulls.  Just the older ones.

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I don't expect the ski wake to be anything spectacular on a boat this big and heavy and expect to surf 95% of the time so don't want to sacrifice surf wake for the few times I ski. From other threads I shouldn't be sacrificing anything. It's still interesting that they make both of there is no difference except above 30 or so mph. 

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12 hours ago, The Hulk said:

Just put it in lift mode and it will be like a competition ski boat dealer showed me I was shocked on a 25 lsv!

I've reread this a couple times trying to figure out if you are joking or not.  Can you run a PW at those speeds, even if just in lift mode?

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2 hours ago, JeffK said:

I've reread this a couple times trying to figure out if you are joking or not.  Can you run a PW at those speeds, even if just in lift mode?

You can but you'll get Wedge/Speed warnings on the dash. 

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Correct dealer said it's no problem and Malibu rep showed them as well but you will get a warning but since it's in lift mode the stress is not there like it would be in a digging position if that makes sense? The warning doesn't distinguish between lift or dig. In lift It's astonishing what a flat wake a 25lsv can make at 28-33 mph.

With lift feature (especially PW2 size) I wouldn't sacrifice resale on diamond hull option if u just want to occasionally ski this is great.. although if your like me once u get a new boat everyone will just want to surf all the time anyhow ha. 

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