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Malibu Swivel Board Racks- How are they bolted?


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Does any one know how the swivel board racks are attached on an 06 VLX. On all my old board racks for an illusion X tower they have a big bolt coming from the back. However, this one does appear to have a bolt as its connection point. Im guessing its under that cover, but dont want to crack it off and break it... as the admiral (aka wife) will definitely not let me forget it!


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Yes it is under that plate.  Need an allen wrench to remove the set screw from the bottom then the cover should just pop off.  

There are two countersunk screws under the plate that hold the rack to the tower then.  iirc.

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You are awesome thank you for pointers! Not sure how I missed the set screw but it was cold and late... or at least thats the story im sticking too!

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Does anyone know what bolts hold this in? I tried both standard and metric; however, had no luck finding a bolt size that worked. Also, does any one know what/how they are bolted? I didnt think there were threads on these holes in the illusion X tower?



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If I could get them out I would do that, but I cant even get the lil SOBs out currently. Additionally, those metal caps that cover the bolts were AWFUL to get out too.

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I believe mine were metric allen heads.  I have a set that you use on a 3/8" ratchet.  I believe that the tower is threaded for the rack to mount into it.  

Unfortunately the bolts are stainless and the tower is aluminum like the rack is aluminum.  This causes serious corrosion issues due to the dis-similar metals contacting each other.  Might be able to use some penetrating oil to help, more than likely you are going to need some heat to help loosen them up.  

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They were bolted via 2 bolts that go where pins normally are to prevent it from spinning. I had never seen a setup like that before.

PS the tower is not threaded!

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Hi crew, would anyone know if this company who manufactured this spinner rack is still in business?

I lost 1 fork and would like to purchase a replacement.

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