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Tis the season....


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Tis the season for everybody asking what I want, supposedly it's hard to buy for a guy, supposedly lol. So i figure its time to upgrade the stereo in the Ol' Response. Not looking to shake the fish in thew lake with this thing, just some tunes and thump that the family members can enjoy ( I like the tune of the 350 myself:biggrin:).

 Leaning towards ditching the head unit, it's under the arm rest, and in a weird spot, so thinking about the Jl bluetooth receiver.


For remote sound control this:


For in the boat sound, these 6.5" polks qty-4:


To power those, the PPI P900.4amp, it looks it may over power the Polks by a hair at 14.4v tho.:


The sub, going out on a limb with this, they make it in a single VC as well,but we'll see what you guys say:


And a  PPI monoblock  to power it 2ohms- 725 watts, 4 ohms 580 watts:



The Polks and sub are probably the biggest if's, looking hard at the kickers for in-cabin sound




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Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you still need some sort of head unit with that BT unit.  I have the exile equivalent plugged into my current head unit.  I dislike having to get my phone to switch a song because those units don't accept input from the head unit.  As a result, I'm swapping out my current set up of the head unit with the hidden exile BT unit for the Exile Digital Media Center.  Deletes the head unit and still provides the minimal controls needed.


Pic of one installed in 2nd post here: http://axiswakeboardboats.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4453

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nah, you could run the BT unit straight to the amps, or run it through the LC-1 first, like the OP is suggesting.  The BT unit has 2v preouts, which is really about the same as most mid/base level headunits. (4v+ is ideal, but not required by any means)

Really you could probably get away without the LC-1 altogether and run volume through the phone, but that would likely result in some annoying "full blast" moments.  I like the idea of a knob to turn it down for sure.

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Thanks for the clarification. I see that the BT unit can run straight to the amp, just wasn't sure if that amp could do the trick.  I am definitely not an audio guy.

As for "full blast" moments - I would mention that I use the android app "Smart Volume Control+".  Using it's speed volume mode I get GPS monitored speed control.  It can be made more complicated via the app, but for me, I get 65% volume below 7 mph and 100% above.  The app is very quick to make the change when I come off throttle as well.  The only reason I am jumping to the Digital Media Center unit is to be able to skip songs via buttons on the dash.  Sick of having to bring up the app on my phone.

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I had the JL Audio version of the Exile BT controller.  I really didn’t like it because it controls the BT volume ON THE PHONE.  Not a fine adjustment at all.

I prefer the MBT-RX and using the AudioControl Overdrive Plus with an ACR-1.  This gives you an actual preamp section so you can gain down the amps.

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Good info guys, I do like the little

19 hours ago, robtr8 said:

I had the JL Audio version of the Exile BT controller.  I really didn’t like it because it controls the BT volume ON THE PHONE.  Not a fine adjustment at all.

I prefer the MBT-RX and using the AudioControl Overdrive Plus with an ACR-1.  This gives you an actual preamp section so you can gain down the amps.

MMMM, looking at the new RF PMX-0 ultra compact receiver, like the idea of putting the phone away and controlling it on a smaller control.

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Ok going to update this thread on what santa in the big brown truck has delivered thus far...

Have the Polk MM1 speakers as listed above,

Instead of the Dayton sub, I went with the 12" Polk MM1 DVC


It's newer , but the reviews seem to be good on crutchfield. Also like that it is marine rated, have some younger kids on the boat and I'm sure it will get some water splashed on it, so safe than sorry.

For the amp I went the Precision Power P900.5


Seems perfect to run the 4-100 watt coaxials and pushing the sub with 400 watts wired at 2 ohms.

Last step is the head unit, I can't force myself to buy the bluetooth receiver just yet. Mainly because I don't want the phone to get dropped into the water and race to the bottom.

So I upgraded my options,

 The JL audio MBT-CRX with a Clarion ESQ755 or this JVC head unit, which I'm leaning towards






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