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Best places to buy stuff??

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New to Malibu boats and wanting to learning where is the place online to go to buy stuff at good prices. From oil, impeller, waxes and vinyl care, to stuff that breaks in the boat like hinges, glove box knob. For now, little things here and there that need TLC/repair on the 2006 boat I just bought.

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Bakes online by far has the most valuable content online and can help you figure out just about anything.  Great reference with a resource of manuals and specifications.  Even if you don't buy it from them you can clearly see it on their site and shop around. As far as customer service they are awesome at responding.  Price wise a lil steep but for what it's worth you are getting the right stuff first time.  

Skidim also has everything but I  can't use their website as a tool like bakes.  I haven't done business with them but they know what's up for sure.   

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Good thanks. I bought impeller for $30 and got oils and spark plugs, pretty cheap too. Chevron Delo $12.50 a gallon, transmission one $4.40 a quart, filter napa like 8 bucks, and spark plugs at 2 bucks each. I did the winterizing this weekend. After reading forums I went with filling the block and manifolds with the pink corrosion inhibitor antifreeze rather than leaving air dry, since air means oxygen for corrosion as many suggested. Now, since I just got the boat, I am looking to find and replace all sacrificial anodes that the boat may have to help with corrosion. I saw in the manual of the engine the ones on the cooling manifold to the transmission. Any others!? 

Also, if I would like to replace those anodes on the transmission cooler because they are below 50% where can I buy those? No idea of the name for those... I can post an image of those later.

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Bakes & Skidm are my favorites, not always the cheapest but the most helpful.  Skidm has actually called me to verify parts I was ordering to make sure I chose the correct ones & corrected a couple of orders before sending.  Bakes hasn't done that for me but they are very helpful if you call or email & both ship quick.  I have ordered oil on Amazon but I typically watch local prices & have gotten killer deals on Delo or Rotella.


Since we're talking about oils.  What's the deal with rating changes on some Delo & Rotella products?  Someone was saying they no longer meet the specifications for our engines but I thought all the new stuff exceeds the older specs?

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As far as I know, all I have heard is positive things about Delo. Rotella generally good as well, but on some independent oil studies done by diesel fanatics the Delo took the win over Rotella in terms of the additives. That was factoring in extreme both hot and cold temperatures and mainly the Delo did better at cold temperatures (which do not apply to our boats). So I would say that for our application both will likely do well.

hethj7, THOSE are the ones I'm talking about. Now what I do not know if how many are there supposed to be in the engine. I found just the two in the transmission cooler. I'll create a post on the subject to see if someone knows. THANKS

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