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WOW! I am blown away!


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I think this is an absolute great idea/ thing that you guys are doing. I remember a awhile back, but does anyone know if there is something like this in Alberta, Canada?

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I’m privileged enough to get to go this every weekend during the summer... 8 Saturday’s and a couple of special days each year ... including soldier on/wounded warriors...

love seeing it show up in other states and provinces.

our program has 40 plus volunteers and we use my 2 boats to get approx 50 athletes with disabilities out on the water for give it a go and also regular (repeat) sessions. Over the course of the 10 plus years we’ve had more than 200 athletes participate, many returning for several years until they have skills that allow them to get their own boats or equipment and move on.

keep it up!! Sharing our passion and our love for the sport is what makes it special!!!

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And it is not just about water sports.

These kids need encouragement. I dare say that there is no one more encouraging than a boat driver trying to get you up for the first time. Think about when you learned, how many times did the driver say, "Try it again one more time."

Most of these kids come from homes that are living off the system and have no desire to do better. Entitlement programs have sucked the ambition out of them. Spending time on the water with someone, helping them overcome their fears, and sharing their joy of success, that is where real differences can be made. It is not just about the day. It is about changing your perspective of what is possible. We have had kids come back years later and say that they were in college now because of the encouragement they received at the lake. The impact you can have on a child's life by spending an afternoon with them is worth way more and has a longer lasting effect than money.

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Count me in!!! Id love to drive and offer my boat a cause like this. I always try to provide some sort of event for kids at whatever church i go to each year. I need to look into this. 

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On 11/24/2017 at 8:18 AM, waketheworld said:

Words can hardly describe the feeling I get when I hear awesome stories from across the country about sharing water sports with those that are less fortunate. I was watching this video from 2010 and makes me realize how far Wake the World has spread. At the time the video was made, the only events were in North Carolina and Texas (around 30 boats total). This last year, 43 events in 28 states! (450+ boats).

Thank you to everyone out there that loves to share water sports with others. If you are the kind of person that loves sharing water sports with others, let me know. It has never been easier to start your own Wake the World event. Come join our family!


How can I get one of these started?   I have been looking for something like this since I bought my first boat 4 years ago, now I have the BU, and would LOVE to do this.   Is there one in Colorado?   Can I start one?

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