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G3 gas shock adjustment

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Last year was the first year I had my 2015 VTX with G3 in my own garage.  The shocks in the tower kept enough pressure to force my tower up against the roof of the garage.  This was great and allowed me to put the cover on the boat.  This year, the tower wants to rest on the dash with the same weight on the tower - racks off, 2 speakers and shelves on.  I don't think I can get the cover on over the tower and would need a prop in the boat and get the cover in between the prop and the tower.

1.  Did 1 or both of the shocks fail on me?

2.  Is there an adjustment to be made?  I searched and saw threads on replacement, but not adjustment.

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1. Yes the struts are lame. I replaced my OEM 215lb versions with 275lb versions through my dealer @ $275.00 each at the time I did it. The OEM manufacturer would not sell to me because of an agreement with the buyers. If your '15 uses the same struts and I am guessing it does you will have to go Malibu direct.

2. No adjustment is possible. There are 2 heim joints, one on either end of the strut that screw onto the strut base and the strut shaft upper side in my case. If it is the same set up.

If you can post a picture of the tower base I could confirm this information for you. Its an easy job to do, you will need 2 people or a hook in the ceiling as @oldjeep suggested. Bill

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I agree that I can hang it from the ceiling, but I go back to my question of did one or both fail?  If so, I'm going to see if I can get them replaced under warranty.

Have other people seen them slowly leak?

I will take a closer look over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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3 minutes ago, Badger said:

I agree that I can hang it from the ceiling, but I go back to my question of did one or both fail?  If so, I'm going to see if I can get them replaced under warranty.

Have other people seen them slowly leak?

I will take a closer look over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Mine don't hold as well as they did 4 years ago - I have nothing on my tower when it is in the garage (I have no speakers and have to remove the racks to get in the door).  When the tower is almost all the way up it stays put, but if I have it like it is in the picture below it will tend to creep down over time - especially when it is cold.  But it holds well enough to get the cover on for the winter and then I don't care if it comes down and rests on the cover.



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Mine got progressively worse over time with the gas escaping. Even with the factory x4 Alpha cans and speakers they would drop like a rock when I removed the tower knobs. Adding the Revs forced me to replace them. I doubt very seriously you will get the dealer to replace them under warranty as it is going to be considered normal wear, just like vehicle struts. Good luck.

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My first set failed, so yes they do fail.  Tower became heavy as a ton of bricks.  As a replacement (under warranty), they only put in one shock, but upgraded to a more heavy duty one.  At first it would hold the tower up on its own, but over time it "broke in" and now moves up and down with assistance, but it's easy.  

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The OEM springs are 10 mm diameter rod with M8 threads, a 28 mm diameter body , 5.91" (150 mm) stroke, 245 mm (9.65") retracted length, and 150 lb (670 N) force. The OEM Barnes PN is SA-1028-0591-150 670N (this is for the standard 150 lb version for empty tower).

I found a direct replacement online at geminigassprings.com in Canada. I need the standard 150 lb version and was quoted $73.80 CAD = $56.23 each with a 3 week lead time (15 working days) for manufacture. No minimum order quantity.

Use their configurator and select: traction springs, 10/28 size, threaded ends, 150 mm stroke with 245 mm (9.65") retracted length, and your desired force. This is their item #676

You could get any of the following for various tower speaker, racks, bimini combos:

900 N = 202 lbs

1000 N =224 lbs

1100 N = 247 lbs

1200 N = 270 lbs

You can order ANY force you like in 50 N increments, but I will order 700 N (158 lb) to closely replace the OEM 670 N. They actually have lb increments too but I thought I would order 158 lb versus stock 150 lb (maybe it will last a little longer?). I drop my tower every use to get the boat in my garage so I use them more than most. My 2011 just began to fail in the last few months and totally crapped a few weeks ago.

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I had same problem with my shocks.  I have 4 speakers and 4 racks.  I paid the dealer to install the "heavier set" of shocks.  When I went to lower the tower, it didn't feel much better.  They used Part # 5611013.  I can't find a reference for that number.  Can someone confirm the weight capacity for that part.  At a minimum they should have installed the shocks >215lbs.  Wish they would have put on the 275s. 


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