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Removing Air Filter


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Hey crew, sorry if this is a silly question but my air filter needs replacing on my 2007 23LSV. I have a 350 Monsoon. What is the best way to change it out? It is wedged pretty good against the rear lounge speaker housing. I removed the hose clamp that has a hose from the top of the engine hooked on to it but am unsure of how to remove the filter itself. There are some bolts on the housing that the filter fits on, are these what I need to remove or does the filter come off after removing the hose clamp only? It's jammed up against the speaker housing so hard I am hesitant to try to force it if I need to remove something other that the hose clamp. Sorry if this a remedial question but I have not changed it before and can't seem to find answers in the manual or online. Any help is appreciated, as always! Thanks!


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Thanks for the reply, It does appear to be the K&N arrestor similar to one that Bakes sells. I see that it is cleanable but man, I have no idea how to get this thing off without damaging it as it is jammed in so tight.

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The first time pulling it off is going to be a religious experience to say the least. I twisted, rattled and pulled to get mine off. Be careful though that wire will distort in a heart beat. Baring that you may have to get a plastic or wooden shim under the lip of the filter to break the seal. K&N sells a recharge kit if you are not familiar with the brand, just don’t over oil it. When I reassembled it I used anti seize on the outside of the throttle body to help me get if off for the next service.I also use the anti seize on the impeller shaft and it has helped a bunch  to get her off! Good luck, Bill.

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I don't have a speaker there. Mine isn't hard to get out. Maybe remove the speaker first?  

My boat is an 04 and the filter has a slight angle to it. So it has to be removed and re installed in the right orientation to fit. Yours may be different. But I have the Marine k&n version and clean it each year.

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You probably need to run a hose pick around the perimeter, maybe even spray some wd-40 in there as the edges are loose and let it set for a day or so.  The rubber should be pliable enough to wiggle it back and forth to break it completely free and push down towards the bilge to and remove it.  If the rubber is brittle and breaks it was time for a new arrestor anyways.  

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It is also very important to swear at it while trying to remove it...........i found this helps........

and yes they are a pain to remove, but will come off. I like @wdr idea, some sort of grease around the rim to make it easier for next time.

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I just removed mine a few nights ago.  From the previous owner, and I just picked this up over the summer, it looked like it had never been off or cleaned.  I did have a hard time in the beginning.  I ended up taking the hose clamp off entirely and setting it aside.  I took a long skinny piece of wood and also used a long skinny flat head screw driver while tapping where I could with a hammer to break it loose.  After I tapped it a few times in different areas I was able to rotate the filter 360 on the mount.  I just grabbed with both hands and pushed down very hard to pop it off.  It's almost like it's mounted on a barb and you have to force/twist it off.  Once it comes off the mount, I had to maneuver the filter under the pylon mount towards the port side and wiggle it out and remove it up the left side of the pylon housing.

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