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Looks like my season is done for


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Well, as a few of you know, I had a wakeboarding accident last Friday. It happened on the second jump of my first set for the entire weekend of NW WOW, & wasn't able to put any weight on the left foot from the get-go, so needless to say I've been bummin'. So when we got home on Sunday, the boys & slider unloaded/unpacked everything while I sat like a lazy buffoon on my arse (that part is driving me nuts), then we went to the ER. Initially the xrays came back negative & they sent me home with percocet & told me elevate, ice & compression for the swelling. So FF to today, I still can't bear any weight & the swelling is just as bad, so I go to the doctor that they told me to follow up with. Of course more xrays follow along with an exam that involves, "Does this hurt? Does this hurt? Does this hurt?" (Why do they do that? When your foot is the size of a cantalope it should be obvious. Mad.gif )

So the upshot of the whole thing is that I've got what they're calling an avulsion fracture, & possibly more than one (also called Liz-Franc injury). It won't heal without surgery, which they've scheduled for next Wednesday & tomorrow I get a CT scan to see just how bad it is & how many spots they'll be pinning/screwing/plating together. After that, no weight bearing for 12 weeks, & it looks like I won't be even looking at snow skis until February. Cry.gifCry.gif I think that I'm done with wakeboarding for good, I'm sooooo tired of breaking myself.

Sorry for the vent, but I'm pretty bummed right about now.

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Oh no, so it ain't soooo Cry.gif I am so sorry to hear that Tracie...and don't give up on wakeboarding. You just have to stop the air-raleys jumps. I hope that you will be on the road to recovery. Keep your foot elevated and make sure Joe waits on you. Hand and FOOT!!!

Wishing you the best.


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I'm so sorry to hear this...please let us know if there is anything we can do to help out!


Sorry to hear it T.

You'll just have to become a surfing / Sky Ski phenom!

Hang in there.

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So sorry to hear. Follow all the Doc's instructions and stay off it. It will be hard, but will get you moving faster.

Take care

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:( Ah, Tracie...that's horrible. Cry.gif My heart goes out to you, truly. :(

Keep your chin up even during the frustrating times and do your rehab right.

It's kinda gross but if you don't know about the downside of painkillers...be sure to take stool softeners as long as your on the painkillers. Trust me on this one. Shocking.gif

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So sorry to hear about your predicament... being out of commission is no fun, at first is real bad but keep focus on getting back on the water that helped me stay motivated thru rehab.

Get better soon!... :)

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Don't get too bummed! When wakeboarding in the future just take things wake to wake. My problem used to be going big and into the flats every time. I'm 34 years old, 6'2", and weigh 230. I was bound to break eventually. Now I ride 80-85 feet and just go wake to wake. I still do the same stuff, just not as hard charged!


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Ooohhh, Tracie that really stinks. Man we are sorry to hear that it is this bad, I am shocked. Shocking.gif It never turned any cool colors out on the house boat. We will be thinking about you and hoping it’s not as bad as it could be.

We will embrace your transition back to slalom skiing and look forward to many dawn patrol runs with you and Slider.

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Tracie, what a total bummer!!!! Missing a month for my bad wheel I have an idea of what you're going through but that doesn't help you any. I like the comment about the slalom transition- I'll see you at the clinic next year skiing and not just riding in the boat laughing at Walt and I.

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Tracie, Sorry to hear about your injury. Keep your head up and dont give up. I tore my acl and maniscus last summer and have just got back on a board in the last month. It's a new world again, but its coming back. I'm Kinda Chicken now. We will be praying for your surjery and a speedy recovery.

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Man that sucks. Wakeboarding can mess you up pretty quickly, I've screwed up both ankles, one knee, a shoulder... anyway... stay off it like the doc says, let it heal, do physical therapy and get back out there when it's time!

Hey, at least you got injured doing a real sport! Not like you were slal..., er, I mean kite tubing! :D

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