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Another lift setup question - boat catch


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I don't think I will be able to raise my bunks enough to clear all my running gear.   I am thinking about different boat catch ideas to keep from running my prop into the rear cross beam.

Anyone use rope or pvc or something to catch the fins?  Just a random idea vs purchasing a bow stop.  Any other ideas?

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Haven't had much luck with bow stops most seem to press down and still allow you to over shoot, trying a new style this year that should dead stop the boat.. will post pics when I get it..  

On past lifts my bunks were not high enough to clear fins but fins are in middle between cradle so no issue just have to lower a few more inches to clear fins when driving on/off and hold her in position that I know will clear shaft sticking off back as not to lift on shaft.

I agree though it would be easy to overshoot and hit prop in some cases another reason I lower cradle far lower than necessary however some may not have that luxury in shallow Waters..

Fin stop seems difficult or easy to damage.. maybe a close line tower stop! Just duck! Haha

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I do not power load a lift. I start on under power but the boat is not on the bunks with any weight. I then place my boat by hand as its floating and easy to move. I have a sight line with a mark on the lift so just pull the boat into the location and raise the lift to get stable. unload people or gear I want out.  Lift out of water wipe down and I am good.  I do the same even with my pontoon.  I just don't see a need to power on its hard on the lifts. 

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My lift lowers farther than it probably should (it catches the boat a bit rough as it raises) and I just float into the slip.  As others noted, I have a mark I hold the boat at while the lift is raising.  To get out, I walk the transom out well past the cross braces, then jump in and back out.  Truth be told, I really have enough momentum that I am floating out at that point most of the time.  

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We always installed the lift with the bow end of the lift a little higher than the stern end. This way you could adjust the height so the lowest point of the hull would contact the bunks as you are coming in. Works better with lifts that have a remote so you can adjust the lift height as your coming in. But even the older lifts can be done that same.... just have to make the height adjustment on your way out.

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