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Gauges intermittent and motor wont run over 10mph without sputtering

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2001 sunsetter was running fine one day and then the gauges went haywire but boat still ran fine. Then a short time later the motor would not go over 10mph or so and it I gasses it, it would sputter. But I managed to go slow back to shore. Took to shop. No problem. Fired up at home, no problem. Any ideas?

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Were you running a ton of accessories at the time?  If I run low RPM for a long time with the tunes going, heater on high, and blower running, I can get to a discharged enough state that the fuel pump can't keep up with demand without switching off some of the gizmos.

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Canon plug is a big wiring harness connector in the engine compartment usually near the distributor and the ECU.

It sounds like you have a bad connection somewhere and the fact that it involved several gauges and other stuff suggests that it is a bad ground.  Inspect, clean, and tighten your battery terminals, the ground to the engine block (follow the big black wire), and the ground buss under the dash.  That'll probably fix your problem.

Good luck!

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Reading up a little more, not sure if the canon plug affects gauges.    FYI, I find the best way to search for things is not using the site's search function, but just use google and type in "malibu crew" then whatever you want to search for.  It goes a great jump of combing the site and pulling up relevant threads.   

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3 hours ago, hethj7 said:

Reading up a little more, not sure if the canon plug affects gauges.    


It does.  The Canon plug is where the factory engine harness meets Malibu's harness.  So every gauge other than fuel runs through that connector.  Oil Pressure, Temp, etc...

When my canon plug was losing proper connection, the engine would actually quit for a brief moment...as if I turned the key off and on.  And the gauges went wonky as well.

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