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Left ballast tank no emptying


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13 hours ago, 3350 said:

Can anyone tell me where the fuses are for the ballast pumps on a 2008 Wakesetter VTX.  Want to check that before I replace the pump

Thanks 3350

Do you have a breaker panel under your throttle?  Keep in mind if you find the breaker popped then there's a reason.  You'll still want to access the pump, pull the cartridge, check for debris and inspect the motor/impeller.  And as hard as it is to get access to those drain pumps you might as well replace that 9 year old pump anyways.  

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  • 2 months later...

I have this issue as well.  Maybe I should just replace the entire pump and wiring since mine is an 08 too.

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It's a pain in the arse to do, but really not that hard. Over time, you'll develop a scar on the inside of your bicep from the transom, and get quite good at it.  

Essentially, the impeller may be stuck/frozen.  First thing, access the pump (probably in the very back of the locker up against the transom - I keep a ratchet strap to hold the floor up and out of the way).  Tap on the head of the pump a few times to try to free the impeller, and try it.  If you have no response, then you'll need to pull the cartridge from the housing (not the whole  pump assembly).  Don't worry about water, it will drain into the bilge and get pumped out.  To do so, remove the set screw (phillips head screwdriver). Lose the set screw in the bilge. Get greasy bilge hands searching for it.  Curse. Give up (don't worry, I've been running mine without set screws for a while).  Unscrew the cartridge and spin the impellor a couple of times with your greasy bilge hands. Energize pump to see if it works.  If it does, replace cartridge and you're good to go.  If it doesn't, replace cartridge with a new one.  It's simple - two wires to splice - brown to brown, black to black.  I keep a couple of cartridges and some marine-grade connectors handy for just such an occaision.

Good luck!

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