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Pre-Season Detail


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Hi -


What type of preseason detail/care does everyone do to their boat?  What products do you find best.  When waxing, do you guys use an orbital applicator?





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I am doing mine today. I will typically put it on the plunger, recheck the fluid levels post oil changes and then run it in the drive way to make sure everything is working as should be. Pull what out items were left in the boat during lay up and wash the interior to include the snap out carpet and cushions with laundry soap. Let dry and apply my first application of 303 products. Protectant to the vinyl and the 303 water proof to the snap out. Wax and waxing is a personal preference kind of like "the best oil to use". I have a DA buffer and have done both and usually just do a hand application as the wax works real easy on and off and I am never in a hurry working on it inside anyway. The bottom line IMO is so long as you use something on a regular basis to help protect the investment is all that matters. I have been using the Maguires Flagship line for wax and 303 products and have been happy with both. 7 years and over 600 hours it still looks great so I must be doing something right. 

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I'll give it a quick wipe with some spray wax to get any dust off but that is about it.  It gets cleaned and covered in protectant before the cover goes on for the winter.  Stored in garage so it doesn't really get dirty during storage.

I put the junk back in the boat that was stored in bins for the winter.  Check the tire pressure and that is about it.  Typically fire it up on trailer in lake rather than on the hose.


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My boat stays indoors and covered. I'll spray it down with a vinegar mix to get anything I missed off the hull then a quick boat wash. I use Hula Boat Care cleaner wax with a DA polisher then Hula's polymer sealant and finally top off with Blackfire Wet Diamond. I use Blackfire every 2-3 weeks and it really helps keep water spots from clinging to the hull when just floating and the boat gets splashed. End of the day I barely need any water spot remover to clean the boat. I use my boat 2-3 days a week 8 months a year plus about 1 time a month during offseason 

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On ‎3‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 9:28 AM, oldjeep said:

  Typically fire it up on trailer in lake rather than on the hose.


Do you store your engine dry?

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4 minutes ago, electricjohn said:

Do you store your engine dry?

Nope, it is full of marine antifreeze.  It is either going to wind up in the lake or run down the driveway into the gutter and wind up in a pond.  That is the reason you use Marine stuff and not the green stuff.

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