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Thoughts on this boat


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Hey everyone, 

I have a friend that is looking for his first inboard boat. I don't want to post too many details so it isn't purchased out from underneath him, but I'm sure you internet sleuths can find it.

The boat is a 2001 Sunsetter with the sunkicker package (tower, ballast, wedge).  Seems to be in good condition, composite stringers, Vortec 310hp carbed engine.  The boat has around 500 hours. From the specs, it looks like it has the SV23 hull which I think is the same hull that my 2006 iRide has.

They had a compression test done on the engine.  I'm not sure what these numbers mean so I'm hoping someone can tell me good or bad.  Also, with the information, I'm curious what you think would be a good price for the boat.


Compression test each cylinder 1 - 170  2 - 185  3 - 180  4 - 165  5 - 163  6 - 165  7 - 175  8 - 170




Malibu Model:Sunsetter LX





Weight:2800 Lbs.

Seating Capacity:10 Persons

Fuel Capacity:38 Gallons

Drive Type:Direct Drive



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Compression looks fine.  Carbed motor is a big turn-off to a lot of buyers...by this century, buyers expect EFI.  All Sunsetters have the SV23 hull; that one should be the wake hull.  Price and condition are big factors.  I'd walk due to the engine alone unless it is a steal of a deal.

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Lots of things will affect the price, badass stereo?, extremely nice condition? Trailer?

I'm thinking a dealer will ask near 20 G.  Private 17 ish.

Steve B.


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Base engine = mid teens for an average boat, unless it's exceptionally clean or your buddy is willing to pay up front for any aftermarket accessories.

A nice SSLXi will get over 20, but not SSLX.

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I ski a 1999 SS LXI quite often. It has the carb 310 hp in it. Its still running quite well with very little maintenance. I know it still has the original cap and rotter and plug wires. It may still have the same plugs. I would much rather have an injected power plant but the old 310hp has been a good package for my ski partner.   

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11 hours ago, SkiPablo said:

here is one with 100 hours - looks real clean but I think it's over priced some (maybe I'm way off on that) 


Is that even a 2001?  That has the old dash setup, though perhaps the direct drives didn't get the updated dash in 2001 like the V-drives did?   The 2001 brochure shows nothing but the new dash (and mentions it).  The only direct drive where you can see the dash is the Response LX, which had the new one. 

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