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2016 Malview Switches


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Somebody has to know how to use the available switches in the Malview touch screen.  I am trying to use the G3.2 tower light switch but can't seem to find a way to tie in the wires for my lights to that switch.  I install the underwater lights no problem with the really simple empty plug in the back of the boat.  The circuit breaker has two "tower light" openings, however they are always hot.  Can anyone help me find the mystery place to wire these lights in so i can use the touch screen switch?  



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I'm trying to do the same thing.  I'd like to have the (to be installed) led rings on my tower speakers be controlled by the rear tower light switch.  I haven't had a chance to poke around and try and find the connections, but I was going to ask some stereo guys in the area if they knew.  I'll let you know what they say.

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Jumped in the boat tonight and found the tower lights plug.  It is in a big loom under the dash in front of the throttle.  It is labeled "tower lights" making it easy to identify.  I did not go into settings and turn the light options on to test it, but I'm confident it will work when I get around to installing the led rings.  Hope that helps...



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The mystery has been solved.  I found the relay plug above and behind the steering wheel.  The plug has 6 slots and only one was used for the shower.  I tested the other wires and font the forward facing tower light switch and rear tower light switch.  I wired in the negative light wire into the pin for the rear facing switch.  



The I wired the positive wires to the circuit breaker panel.  This wire is always hot and it had two openings for tower lights.  


Final product works great for some late evening swiming and surfing.  And the best part it all works from the Malview touch screen.  





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Yes.  They are labeled A-F and the forward tower lights are C and the rear facing tower lights are in the D position.  B is for docking lights and A was for the shower.  E and F are empty in mine. 

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Those are interesting looking lights. Can you share a link to where you purchased them?  I'm thinking of this project as well when my boat arrives. 

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@Barefooter25@mikeakatex5 You need a relay in there or you're running too much voltage to the computer via the ground circuit. You risk killing the 7" computer that runs everything. The relay harness can be purchased from Malibu, or you can build it yourself since it's fairly simple. The short version of how to build the harness is that the trigger coming from the relay plug is a ground and the "hot" side is wired permanently through the fuse panel. Take a look here:

It's a simple circuit with relays, you just want to make sure that the ground for the lights isn't running through the computer. I'm a bit surprised that you didn't burn out the computer yet, so be careful!

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Finally got got pictures of an awesome evening with lights on and 100% operated by touch screen.  


$20 amazon drain plug light.  


front spot docking lights, tower mounted. 


rear flood lights. 


all on at the same time. 


boat coming into trailer lit up with led strip inside trailer frame rails. 

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4 minutes ago, Barefooter25 said:

Finally got got pictures of an awesome evening with lights on and 100% operated by touch screen.  


$20 amazon drain plug light.  



Ok,  I need more details on this $20 drain plug light stat!

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1 hour ago, Barefooter25 said:


Here is the one i installed.  Price went up a bit to $25.99 since i purchased.  I figured it was worth the $ to see how much light really was needed. 

Crazy and youre happy with the amount of light output?

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Its way better than I expected.  I am curious on how much more light would come from a high $$ light.  We do like this one a lot so i may upgrade since it can only get better. We are lucky that the water is fairly clear and clean so it doesn't take much.  

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