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Sunsetter LX / LXI hole shot

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does anyone have any hole shot videos they can post - I recently lake tested a boat and trying to see if the hole shot is on par for what is normal.

The Boat has a LS1 375 hp and has the 13x13 cvp stainless prop on it.

thanks in advance :)

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It seemed to take 6 secs to hit 30.  

The boat comes with an acme 525 13x11.5 too.   Do you think that would be too much low end ?  I just slalom.  A few times a year I will pull some footers.     I'm new to all of this coming from he outboard world  

The cvp seemed to ventilate on take off  


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Put that 525 on there. Today.

CVP are known to throw a blade now and then. It also has no where near the surface area, and therefore overall performance, of the 525. Keep the CVP buried in the boat somewhere with another piece of square keystock as an emergency spare.

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Call ACME, They can give you the heads up on there Prop. if I remember correctly the LXi came with the 525 with the LS1, Or you could go to a 515. which I'm running

with my L96. 409. ACME will lead you in the right direction.



Edit. As woodski  mentions "   0-30 mph in 6 seconds is slower than what you would expect, " total agree you should have alot more.

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@SkiPablo:  Sorry no video.  0-30 mph in 6 seconds is slower than what you would expect, should be closer to 4 seconds.  How are you measuring the speed, if you are using the speedometers in an acceleration mode you will be well past 30 mph when the speedo indicates it, they have a lag if a pitot measuring type.  If the CVP ventilates as you noted, switching to the Acme will help that due to surface roughness and increased blade area.  The 525 will be okay, for slalom and footing the 515 might be the preferred option.  The 525 will spin a bit faster than 1000 rpm : 10 mph & the 515 tends to be very close to 1000 rpm : 10 mph. You could get the 525 configured to a 515, same blade pitch just a bit more cup which is easy to adjust or have adjusted, Acme would probably do it.  Question and it makes a difference on prop choice, what is your altitude?  Comments on 515 being prop of choice would be at sea level to ~3000 feet, higher would require less pitch due to lower power output.

As noted, CVP props have a tendency to sling a blade, but if you are interested in correcting the issue you are having, simply true up the leading edges with a file and roughen the surface and that will help the prop grip on acceleration.

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Hi There,  I'm counting from the video i took last night - it was getting late so it's not the clearest.... I think i hit about 35 in this video .    I just counted to i see it hit that spot where the wake looks like 30 mph.   We are at 1000' elevation



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I called OJ prop. They will guide you based  on what you want to do. If you don't like it you can send it back for a different one provided there is no damage.

they were great to work with.

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Not sure how hard you hit the throttle, but it seemed way slow. Mechanically all sounded good, so I'm thinking it's over propped big time?

I have a 95 and 02 Sunsetters, and both jump out of the hole like wild creatures. Extremely fast to 35 ish.

Steve B.

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i put the ACME 525 on and took it out today with the family - it felt so much faster out of the hole - felt like it accelerated 50% faster :)    I got up to 45 mph and it had more - but the water was really choppy so I'll have to wait til a calmer day to see what rpm it turns at full throttle.    

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