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Wakeboard rope and handle.


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The time has come to replace my beloved rope and handle. Let's just say mine was "shortened" today.  Mine was a bare rope that I liked a lot. This time I'm thinking about going with one of the coated ropes. I have seen some that have been stiff, difficult to manager and prone to getting tangled up and others that were loose, floppy and easy to wind up and store. May as well get some input on handles while I'm at it. When the rope got shortened, the handle got a little bent. 

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By shortened I hope you don't mean your wife circled you 5 times as she picked you up and shortened it a few times like mine lol

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Uh, no. Let's just call it a momentary lapse of judgement. Worst part was we were the only boat on the lake. Then I tossed my goggles to my buddy who was standing on the swim platform. He wasn't watching and the goggles went in and sunk. Our water is stirred up now with all the rain we've had so I ended up having to dive down and cut the rope off the prop shaft blind. Good times.

So I'm leaning toward the hyperlite flat line. Anyone know the difference between the flat line, a line and x line? As far as handles, I was thinking of the Kruz pro or something similar.seems like the pro line up is the same with different colors. I like the idea of the chamois (or similar) which has the rubber coating around the "V" from the handle. I have not seen it but have heard of people getting their fingers wrapped in the handle "v". As far as I know, that's urban legend. I have been using an accurate dyneema rope and a few different ronix handles (2 franks, detachable one and a parks) . I have not been happy with the ronix handles quality, but their warranty has proven to be a  good. 

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I'm a pretty novice wake boarder but I use the Ronix R6 mainline and it is a tangle free easy to handle coated rope. Wraps up nice and easy every time I've used it. Can't comment on how the durability is because I have only rode it for one season.

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+1 for the ronix lines. I have one that I got because it had a lot of sections. I like the ability to adjust length for different riders. I adjust from 65-75 feet depending on weight and speed. Nothing worse than having to deal with an uncomfortable rope length. 

What rope length do you normally ride at? 

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Oh and to speak about durability I had my last one last 3 seasons before an accident chopped it in half. Still was in excellent shape then. The coating on any coated rope will tear if you get a knot and don't promptly untie it. My new one is the R6 line and it is very easy to manage with the bright colors. 

Look into Proline handles also. Really comfortable and I still use one from several years ago. It was old when I got the boat in 2013. 

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I've had my same Hyperlite coated line since 2005 ish. (Also the deadly carbon fiber handle)

just bought my boy a board (ronix) and matching color rope/handle combo (hyperlite) the line looks the same as the 13yr old predecessor 

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Yes it was Jalama but it was my fault. He shouldn't accept any of the blame as I was the captain at the time. I actually tossed the goggles softly on the engine cover and he was standing on the platform. The goggles took a bounce and looked like they dropped down on to the platform. A few of us thought they landed safely there. They must have taken a funny bounce because they were not there. Jalama didn't even know I tossed them to him. 

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I have the HL flatline and the rounded A-line.  I like them both.  I have noticed the flatline is a bit easier to remove twists, but the coating on the flatline has started to pull and bunch a bit.  I prefer the rounded, but they are both great lines that do not tangle like my previous coated lines.  

I'd love to hear what you think about the handle.  The groves are not something I'm experienced with.

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I am also interested to see how the grooves work out. It seemed to have a more tacky grip than the others and was a little thicker in diameter.  I have large hands so I wanted a little more girth. I've had a couple ronix handles that had felt like they had soap in them. We'll see how it all goes down. If I don't like it, I will probably order a team handle with the round a line. 

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ronix R8. Kinda squared line. Not as flat as the HL flatline. I like them both.
Handle, go to a store and feel a few in your hands. Its totally personal. But Ronix has really sturdy ones, and replace if anything goes wrong. I got a new one over the winter due to a slight crack from normal use last season.

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