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Speaker upgrade


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Looking to upgrade my speakers in my factory cans and possibly in the cabin as well, the cabin are a pretty straight forward swap but are there any aftermarket speakers that will fit into the cans I have or do I just go with new towers speakers altogether???  I do not have an amp yet but thinking that might make enough of a difference and I wouldn't have to get new speakers? Illusion x tower, Thoughts???

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IIRC, that era pod was a little smaller, more like to fit a 6" speaker. Most everything today, at least with any degree of build quality and sound quality, will be a 6.5" requiring a 5" cutout and having near 7" OD. So, start by removing one of the tower speakers and check those dimensions. 

One or two pair of tower pods?

How many in-boats and is one pair under the windshield? 

You definitely will want an amp for the tower pods and I suggest one for the in-boats.  

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One pair of towers, 4 in boat.  2 in the front dash and 2 in the back side.  It's all the factory Rockford fosgate with the Sony head unit and transom remote.  Not bad stuff I just like my music,  I have heard exile, JL, wet sounds.....all good stuff but this would all be new tower pods and I kinda like the chrome Malibu cans I have.

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You need amps.  Period, end of story, don't think you can get away without them.  If any thoughts of not running an amp get in your head quickly squash them with your favorite booze of choice.

Now that we have that out of the way, I'd buy an amp a little overkill for your in-boats and just turn the gain down.  This way, if you like the way it sounds, you probably only overspent a little on the amp vs the minimum you would have needed.  If you still don't like it, you will have the amp you need and only need to upgrade the speakers.

As for the towers, dump the cans and get yourself some better speakers.  REV10's, SXT9's, etc.  Power them correctly.  I have 4 Exile SXT65 towers (got them before SXT9's were around).  If I were to do it again, it would either be 4 SXT9's or two powered to the bleeding edge REV10's.  I haven't heard the 9's but I'm betting on a better version of my 65's.  I've spent time behind the REV10's and they are legit when powered properly. 

Then there is the sub + amp.  100% must, otherwise your system will sound like a**.

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Once you know what will fit, then you know what the options are. From there, you can get an idea of the performance. Now you can decide if that meets your goals. If it doesnt, then it time to talk other options that involve all new pods. 

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