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Woofer advice


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I asked this over on WW, but not getting any advice. I've had a JL 12w3 for the past couple of seasons and have tried a few different boxes/setups. Sounds decent but I want my walkway space back for my cooler. I have tried to design a box for under my helm, but its REALLY small under there and with the steering column/cable in the way I can only get to .9 ft^3( maybe even less). SO my question is would a ported 10w6 give me more sound than an undersized 12w3 sealed box. Not trying to win any sound contests just want the most out of my space. Currently have a jx500 on the 12w3. Thanks for any input.

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.9 external gross is much closer to the net internal displacement required for a 10" sub. For example, the sealed 10W3, using 3/4" stock, would need an external enclosure of just over 1. cu.ft. to obtain a net internal displacement of about 0.625. A 12" in a seriously undersized enclosure may play louder at some higher bass frequency but will have decidedly less output at the lowest registers when compared to a properly loaded 10". The shape of the response curve will dictate sound quality. Ideally you want a sub bass curve with a mild & broad crest, but not a profound mid bass hump followed by a premature and rapid low bass roll-off.   

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^^^^That's a bit over my head. The .9 is a "guess" on the INTERNAL (Its prob less). So lest just say its .80 internal volume. Is it worth the money to jump to the 10w6 or just go with a 10w3?

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45 minutes ago, soonerbilly said:

^^^^That's a bit over my head. The .9 is a "guess" on the INTERNAL (Its prob less). So lest just say its .80 internal volume. Is it worth the money to jump to the 10w6 or just go with a 10w3?

Starting off speaking sealed only: So if you have .50 net internal after driver, or about .60 internal before driver, then the JL Audio 10W6 works ideally. The 10W3 needs a bit larger box, at about .625 net internal or .7 gross internal.

The W6 is a longer excursion driver and requires more power.

So perhaps 400 watts on a 10W3 or 600 watts on a 10W6 in order to get optimum performance. If you don't have the extra power then the 10W3 becomes a better choice.

It would be nice to run ported but that requires an inordinate increase in box size. A sealed 12" requires a similar size of enclosure to a ported 10". So for a ported 10" check to see if you can fit a 1.65 cu.ft. box external. A ported 10" within the same series should have a small output and bass extension advantage over a sealed 12".       

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I got the jx500    not really wanting to add amp AND sub. Guess ill be keeping the walkway box another year. I really wish someone worth a crap was in my area to take it to have a custom one made.

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