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Power Wedge ll


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My 2015 malibu wakesetter s vlx power wedge ll, just decided not to work today.

Stayed in the stow position and appeared in the screen CAUTION CHECK WEDGE CAL.

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I can't recall either on my 2015 if there actually was an option to recalibrate the wedge, I would assume there is but I never needed to do it.  It would be in the settings options on the 7" screen where you found the surfgate calibration.  Give your dealer a shout out and I am sure they will be able to help you out with some basic over the phone troubleshooting.

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My power wedge went out similarly. I wish I could recall exactly what broke. I do recall screen readings not adding up to what was happening. I brought to dealer they ordered replacement part. I like working on my boat but admittedly I'm far from an MIT graduate. My advice if not finding what works here, call and talk with Malibu or your nearest dealer.

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To calibrate the power wedge II you need to adjust the sensor that is on the wedge. You loosen the screws and spin the magnetic sensor until your wedge up and wedge down settings are at the levels indicated below.


Power wedge II calibration -factory settings

Up 200 - 3.25

Down 0.51- 0.53

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13 hours ago, mikeo said:

here is the only wedge calibration screen I could find, and my firmware version for comparison:



You can also use that screen to raise the power wedge while it is on the trailer?

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2 hours ago, Albert2016 said:

Great information PDave.

By spinning you mean turn with your hand, no tools.

The sensor is located on the wedge(small black round sensor with a wire to it). You should check your current cabibration first by using the plus and minus buttons on the power wedge debug screen. All the way up and all the way down. 

To ageist the sensor you will have to loosen the screws on the sensor and spin until your settings are correct. Then re tighten the screws.

I had a issue with the sensor when the large bolt the sensor is attached to was loose and spun. I would check to make sure that is tight as well.



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I have the same problem. Wedge stuck in stow and I can’t get it to go down even with the debug - button. Reading 3.50 sitting in stow.

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I had a similar problem with my 2015.  I was tweaking with the wave -(probably a little more than I should) -and all of a sudden it quit going up.  It would go down, and set to whatever setting I wanted, but it would not go back up.  I couldn’t get the wedge to go up with the calibration screen (it would only go down, eventually getting stuck in lift mode) pretty annoying and really killed the wave and the vibe for surfing.  I had to get into the water and manually release the hydraulic with a stubby flat head on the set screw.  It was the end of the season anyway so took it in to local Malibu dealer in the beginning of September, they diagnosed it as a faulty “4pack wedge relay harness” - which is technically not what the part name is according to Malibuparts.com -  probably just shop/mechanic nomenclature.  They did order the correct wedge relay module/harness.  Good news is it was cheap, less than $300 ($200 part) to have it installed.  Bad news is that it literally took 9 months for them to receive it from Malibu due to the electronics shortages.  I just got it installed today, so I haven’t tried it out yet but the dealer service team is top notch and I have no doubt it’s fixed.  I will update next week when the weather gets better and we take the boat out.  Fwiw the part number for the module is 6174055 for my 2015 23lsv w power wedge 2.  I will attach the stock photo of the part as well.  I might order a spare just in case - I’d hate to miss any more surf time for such a cheap part.428BC9B2-01DB-4FD0-9430-C2E93C68FBB7.thumb.jpeg.01d503933ce1fc3240a93a1d6dc60c64.jpeg

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