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February, 65 degrees, and sunny in Michigan means....


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1 hour ago, ahopkinsTXi said:

Trust me there was nothing warm about 38!

That has to hurt the hands and feet man!  I have to say I'm impressed though.  Takes some kahunas to jump in that water.

I'm definitely getting the itch with this warm weather we are having.  Hopefully it's not the long painful Spring we had last year......lakes open early but 40 degrees and miserable was not fun.

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Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!   Our lake is opening but still over two miles north of me and another  three quarters mile to the launch.  We will need to beat March 17 to set a record for us.  :salute: :thumbup:

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we have been open water here for about a month!, if i had my boat back i might have gone out today but i dipped my hand in the lake and got second thoughts hahah...awesome! i'm jealous for sure! but while the air temp is nice that water must have been...freeeeeeeezin!

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Haha yes, the water was ridiculously cold. If it hadn't been sunny idk if we would have gone out. With the sun you hands don't freeze instantly after you get up so you can actually feel the handle for most of the run. Then quick back into the boat to dunk your hands and feet into a cooler of warm water. Without that cooler it would be miserable warming back up. Also, dropping a skier or getting back to a skier that fell can be way faster with a good driver over surfing and wakeboarding, because we don't run ballast :crazy: 

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Yesterday in New Orleans 

33 minutes ago, Michigan boarder said:

I knew there was a boat in the water somewhere!  Nice job!

We missed a  multiple 78 degree day mid week so missed January, went yesterday luxurious 73 air 63water?   dash said 87 and 66, surfed for two hours thanks to the wife who said no way even with a 3/2, we both  last went December 26th.

best part of winter riding is being reminded of what needs fixing and anything new broken, remembered and found new leak in rear Sac port, so now both 750's will be replaced with Sumo 850's(actually same size 50x20x20) as I replaced one last year

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If I kept the boat at home I'm sure we would have gone out here in Ohio. I just can't ask the storage operator guy to pull the boat out, then ask to put it back in.

I have a feeling summer is gonna be here real early this year !!!

Steve B.


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1 hour ago, oldjeep said:

I guess everything is relative, but late April is typically low 40's water temp here when we start. 38 in feb is crazy.

Also, that reading of the water temp on the dash was with the engine running. On my boat if I turn the engine off it drops by 3-5 degrees. I would assume the TXi we used yesterday is the same way but I didn't look when we had the engine off. 

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