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2005 Sunscape Ballast


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Hi all! This is my first post but I have been lurking for some time. I need some input on ballast selection on my new (to me) boat. I have read previous posts on systems but I am not completely confident in pulling the trigger yet. 

I will be surfing, wakeboarding and tubing on the boat. I would like a decent wave but I don't need to have ballast bags everywhere and taking all my storage. 


The boat is a 2005 Sunscape LSV 

- No factory rear ballast

- Has a ski locker ballast (not sure what size) but it does have the aerator pumps. It appears to be a factory install. 

I am thinking 2 400lbs (maybe 750's) in the rear and 1 W705 in the ski locker.  Is that a decent setup for an all around boat?

I would also want to run the reversible pumps, any recommendations on which brand? How many?

Budget- I'd like to stay around $1000-1500. 

How would you guys spend your money if this was your boat? What would you get?


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400-750lbs in each of the rear lockers, depending on how big of a wave you want. Factory center ballast is 550lbs, i think. You will need a little ballast in the bow, maybe 300-450lbs since you'll already have 550lbs in the center. You can get a bag that fits under the bow cushions so you don't lose any space.

I used the existing ballast pump set up (but increased pump size) to fill my rear, center and bow ballast but added valves to control filling. Added 1 additional pump to drain the rear locker ballast since its one big bag (my Malibu Ride is a direct drive) and not 2 on each side of engine like yours. The caveat to this configuration is that it takes a little more time to fill...... but to be honest if i switch it to fill once the boat is launched by the time we've parked the SUV/trailer and returned to the dock to start the day its 75% full and we're ready to go. It was worth it IMO because it looks factory and there was little to no modification to make it all work.

Once you've got ballast sorted go and buy a mission delta wake-shaper or similar. With all of the above you would have a pretty nice wave and you won't have sacrificed space and the factory look/feel.

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start in front/back and then ski locker. 

go 750s in the corner. that way you wont wish you had more later down the line.

one reversible pump per side. make sure to vent these bags if you have thru hull holes you can use. If no holes, vent isnt needed. just keep close eye on it as you fill up.

now that you have two rear bags, its time for the front bag. Depending if you want to have it plumbed in below the seats or are ok with throwing it on top sometime get either an arrow sac or the similar shape with the center cut out so it fits under the seats. 

choose a side you can run hose from the back to the front, put a y-valve in the hose and run it to the front. You can keep the hose hidden behind the cup holder area or arm rests when not in use and when you need the bow weight (surfing or heavvy wakeboarding) you can plug-and-play it into the nose sac on top the seats. If you want it to be hidden under the seats then just run the hoses under. There is an example of this in a recent thread somewhere. Its really a sharp setup. If I was setting my boat up and it didnt come with aerators like mine did, that is exactly what I would do.

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Why not 1100's in the rear? You will also want something in the bow. A 400 or a triangle 1000 pounder. 



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