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Kite surf


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It's nothing like wakeboarding. Its 90% about flying the kite, 10% boarding. I was really into it before I bought my boat but it was hard to commit to a full day, by myself, 2-3 hour drive to hope for the right conditions. Once I got the boat, I sold all my stuff since it was much more family friendly. Good idea taking lessons. First day you'll prollly fly a trainer kite on land and body drag on the water with a real kite. Second day you should be riding but ending up down wind every time. 3rd day you should be up and running.  A lot depends on your instructor and the environment you'll be riding. Punta Cana is a great place to fly. 

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+1 on the lessons. I used to windsurf a lot and still have gear but as stated above when the choice is windsurf by myself or wakeboard with my family the family always wins.

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Gotta have the right kind of wind tho.  Can't be gusty or have updrafts. Best wind is the type typically found in coastal areas.  My local lake gets good wind maybe 6 times a year. Getting those days to coordinate with work schedules was always a challenge. Wasn't worth the investment to me to try keep up with kiting and boating. For the 3 or 4 years before I was getting out of kiteboarding, kite technology was changing rapidly so I was spending a small fortune trying to keep up.  I think it has settled down a bit now. The amount of depower on today's kites keeps you from having to own a large quiver for different wind speeds. Most can get away with a 2 kite set up. It is a lot of fun tho. The amount of power the kites generate is absolutely impressive. Some of my most fond memories were the lessons and first rides, being dragged across the water, unable to pull my bar release, or taking my brand new kite to the local lake for the first time on the wrong kind of wind day and getting caught in an updraft while still on land, flying 15-20' through the air and being set down, not so gently, on the coarse granite sand (gravel) beach and nose diving that new kite into the ground, destroying it. Good times. 

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Lessons are really great. I have done two of the three days. My Last day will be on Wednesday. I was able to succeed with water start on the second day, and the instructor told me that you normally do it on day three. (Each day is a 3 hours lesson) 

So I m really looking forward of my last lesson ! Can't wait to be Wednesday even if it will be my last vacation day :-(

Wind was really bad on Wednesday so we have to reschedule the lesson. And this weekend there is no wind. Next week supposed to be really good according to the forecast. Let's keep fingers crossed. 

Btw, if you plan to take lessons in Punta Cana, go to "kite club punta cana". And ask for Roberto. Best instructor I have ever had. 

Finally, wakeboard and Wakesurf skills help for water starting, but except that the hardest part is to manage the kite, and move it well in order to generate the power. But once you are out of the water, you are like a kid ;-). 

Now next vacations will be on windy spots ah ah ah 

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