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New to the Forum - '94 Echelon

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Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster!  I just recently bought a '94 Echelon (my first boat) after a lot of reading on the website. I'm sure after bringing it home I'll have a thousand more questions!  Look forward to working on the boat throughout the winter and getting out on the lake this summer! 

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Thanks for the welcome!  Super excited, feel like I cam out with a good deal considering the condition of the boat, and essentially a new trailer.  It's got a Holly Marine carb, and work done to the fuel line (regulator/valve) to keep it from flooding.  






Not much of a skier yet, just looking to get out on the lake.  I know it won't be a great wakeboard or wake surf boat, but I look forward to playing around and trying a little bit of everything out.  


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@Wk05:  Congratulations and welcome to the world of tournament ski boat ownership, great looking boat.  You purchased a vessel that has a very good slalom and barefoot wake, was the top of the line offering from Malibu in 1994 and is on the hull that really put Malibu on the map and propelled them up in to the premier club, right there with Mastercraft and Correct Craft.  You will have many hours of enjoyment for you, family and friends + some time maintaining your prized possession.  This site offers many resources on how to, suggestions and advice from the members on tips, maintenance & things to be aware of, etc.

From the picture of the engine, it appears to be a Mercruiser in origin fitted with a silent rider muffler.  It also appears that the carb and fuel system has been altered from original just past the fuel pump.  With that in mind, I suggest a good review of how or what specifically was done.  Make sure the Holley carb is a marine version and not an automotive version and has the proper venting tubes.  Mercruiser Tournament Ski engines were fitted with a 750 cfm 4 barrel Weber (same or similar to a Carter AFB or Edelbrock 1410 carburetor) and had a solid steel line attaching to the carb inlet (no fuel regulator or pressure gauge in the line from the mechanical fuel pump to the carb inlet, so those are also added and my guess is as a tool to solve some sort of running issue troubleshooting aid).  It also appears several of the lines and cables were zip tied to keep them from hitting or rubbing on rotating components, so it appears they were routed different from factory, I am sure if you need, there are members that can send you pictures of original routing (I can't help as my engine is not original and has a different configuration for the front dress).

If home is a location that sees below freezing temperatures (aka has a real winter), you will want to winterize the engine to ensure it will be set for spring.  There are many threads here and on other sites along with the owners manual that detail how to winterize your new toy.  In simple terms, you need to drain the water from the block, exhaust system, shower & heater core (if equipped) and determine if you want to refill with antifreeze (RV not automotive) for winter storage.  It is also advisable to remove the raw water impeller and at minimum inspect it if not replace (and keep the old one as a spare).

Welcome to the Echelon club, you will notice a few of us on the site, also you will note some hard core 'square windshield' members (that do incredible restorations) and a plethora of wake enthusiasts.  Don't worry, we are all highly biased on our appreciation for our 'Bu's and like the people on the 'other brand' sites, most feel that we own the best! 

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5 minutes ago, Wk05 said:

 Thanks guys. Next big step is an audio upgrade, and a hydro turf floor (a little nervous about taking on that one)! Planning on winter using this weekend! 

There are LOTS of guys that can help with that.  Start out a new topic in the stereo section, with your stereo budget, and what your goal is (how loud, just for cruising, to hear at wake length, etc.)

By the way, yours is an Echelon LX.  The LX is for open bow.

Here is an original engine pic from my boat when I first got it:

Engine front.jpg



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Also, is your carpet torn or just dirty/worn?  If just dirty/worn, try scrubbing it first.  This is a before and after pic of my carpet that was under my gas tank and subject to 20+ years of yuck.  There are other options out there besides hydroturf too, some good marine carpeting, sea deck, etc.

Fuel tank removed 3 compressed.JPGClean bilge 001 compressed.JPGBilge cleaning products.JPG

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The carpet is actually in good shape, be always just liked the hydro turf flooring!  I've tried to search for it, but for you know of anybody who's replaced their carpet with a similar material themselves?  

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@Wk05:  If your carpet is in good shape, my suggestion would be to go through at least one boating season as is, you will get a good idea of whether you like carpet and if and when you start a carpet redo, it is a rather laborious and time consuming project.  Looking at the engine picture, I would prioritize making sure everything is functioning properly and you spend that time this winter learning about the boat so you have trouble free days on the water.  If you need to do some engine work or even basic things like oil & filter changes you might want to practice those on your used carpeting rather than soiling any new flooring while you perfect the basic maintenance steps with older carpet, you may not get really upset if you accidently spill something (engine oil) on it, just a thought.

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On 2/3/2017 at 8:06 AM, Wk05 said:

Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster!  I just recently bought a '94 Echelon (my first boat) after a lot of reading on the website. I'm sure after bringing it home I'll have a thousand more questions!  Look forward to working on the boat throughout the winter and getting out on the lake this summer! 

Congrats on the boat and welcome!  Question is, why didn't you buy my 94!?  Haha

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2 hours ago, Wk05 said:

Well, dropped the boat in the water last night for my first time out with it - nothing but great things to say!  Ran awesome!  Can't wait to enjoy it all summer!

Still Miss Mine!


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