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Where to buy kicker km8's


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I am looking for 3 pairs of kicker km'8 speakers and am having a hard time finding them at an authorized dealer. I can find them on amazon however they seem to be an older model,  41km84lcw instead of the newer, 43km84lcw  does anyone know if there is any major difference or if there is anything to worry about buying them from a non authorized dealer off amazon? Are there fakes of these speakers out there?


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The difference between the 41 and the 43 is that the LED ring is now fully sealed on the 43. This makes them far more suited for the marine environment including salt a brackish use. Not sure why the 43KM8's would be hard to find, lots of authorized Kicker dealers out there. Kicker's site indicates they are in stock.  

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I've bought 3 pair of the 41s on Amazon.  Currently $160 for a pair delivered Prime.  They are the real deal.  Since I don't use the LED feature I don't really care about that.  They do have a much fuller range than 6.5 inchers. 

My opinion on warranties is to only buy them if I can't afford to easily replace the item. After all, warranties are just another form of insurance or shared risk.  An $80 speaker does not fall into the category that needs a warranty.

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I want to start by saying that first and foremost, the KM8 was designed as an infinite baffle in-boat speaker. Placing it in a small tower pod, does reduce the mid-bass just a little, as compared to having it in the boats panels. Once out on the water, its not nearly as noticeable. Comparing those 3, they are all in the 8" class with very similar power handling, so output will be close among the 3. However, the jl 8.8 has a larger tweeter than the others, so its output in the higher ranges, may be a little more noticeable. Not saying this is a positive or negative in the case of the 8.8, just mentioning. I find the KM8 in the tower setup, to be very smooth and  balanced. Despite the small pod, its still produces excellent mid-bass. 

For a single pair, I like an amp like the KM400.4 bridged. For two pair, an amp like the Arc KS300.2. Now, Id like to hear 2 pair on Kicker's new 1200.2 marine amp. Thats a potential of 300W rms for each pod. 

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