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New member considering a 2010 247 LSV

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I bought my first boat when I lived on Lake Norman in 1999 before I had a family. It is a 1990 Four Winns Freedom 190.  It was truly like new back then and didnt hesitate to buy it. I never regretted the purchase as I have had a lot of great times on it and learned lots of lessons about boating and trailering.  Now that I have 4 kids, 2 dogs, and an endless supply of friends that like to come visit us at Lake Anna in VA, I need a bigger and better boat for towing the kids and cruising the lake in style.  I joined the forum, watched videos, studied classifieds, looked at a handful of boats locally that weren't necessarily "like new" as the ads had claimed, talked to a few dealers, and feel like I know what I want now, and am ready to pull the trigger.  My budget is $60k max so I have been looking for low hour, well cared for 2010-2013 23 LSV or 247 LSV.  On top of my list is this one...http://memphisboatcenter.com/Power-Boats-Inboard-Malibu-Wakesetter-247-LSV-2010-Memphis-TN-7c9f439b-514b-48cf-b017-a6a7012fb2ba

Does anyone on the forum know anything about this boat?

Is there anything about this year that I need to be concerned about? 

Any comments or suggestions to as if it looks like a good purchase?

Is $60K a fair price?     

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I don't know anything about this boat, but I can say I love my 2011 247 LSV.  It has been a perfect boat for me, my family & my friends.  We run with 12-17 people every weekend and this boat has more than enough room and power.  We are considering moving to the M235 right now, so you can't go wrong with Malibu.

Good luck....KW

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I came close to buying a 2007 247 back when I was in the market two years ago.  They seem like very nice boats, and are very BIG inside coming from a 21' sterndrive.  My only thought is I would prefer a little more power than the LS3.  Personally, I feel my 23LSV is borderline underpowered with the same engine, but I am also at elevation.

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The LS3 is fine.  Sure, it isn't the torque monster of the big block that proceeded it, but people were paying big bucks for that LS3 upgrade.  Sure, the LSA would be better but not a lot of those floating around. 

Depending on your use you may need to upgrade props, but the big block owners have to as well (LSA owners not as much, but that's a different beast). 

I see some minor audio upgrades.  Has the good design FAE already installed.  2010 is the first year for the G3 tower, which is a big plus.  Nice looking boat.  I'd relocate the registration numbers under the rub rail as they look like a**, but that's cheap and easy.  I personally would upgrade the trailer wheels if you plan to trailer it, but that's just a personal preference.  Not sure if it is rocking stock ballast...if it is, save back at least 3k for that.



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Thanks for the feedback.  I haven't heard anything that would be a deal killer.  There is a bunch out there with monsoon power, but I assume those to be underpowered for my liking, so I'm passing on them.  We will mostly be wakeboarding but I could see getting into surfing so yes, extra ballast in the future, but with a capacity of 17, maybe not necessary. If the deal goes through I will post pictures at its new home on Lake Anna and look forward to being a legit crew member instead of just lusting over everyone else's rides. 

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FWIW, I had a 2010 23 LSV (no surf gates) and now have a 2014 23 LSV with the surf gates. If you can swing the extra cash I really think surf gate is awesome feature. 2013 23 LSV has them but I haven't been shopping in about a year so not sure on what a fair price is for one with low hours.

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Looks awesome. If you are going to still look at other boats, there is a year that I have heard, that the maliview dash sucks. It was a "one and done" Dont know the year, but im sure someone will chime in.

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I owned a 2010 247 and it just sold last year in the Spring. I had it for five years and put 403 hours on the boat. I had no problems with it at all. I did have a short in the interior lighting system and some of the ballast pumps had to be replaced, but other than that the boat was great. In August of 2015 the dealer listed it at $69,995, but it didn't sell until Spring of 2015 at a listing of $61,995. It had 2 rev 10s and 2 rev 8s, but it was not as clean as your classified one. I had beached mine numerous times and had some trailering issues that put some deep scratches on it. I changed the oil every 50 hours. It was stored outside in a covered spot, so the interior was kind of turning a bit yellow.

We really liked the 247 also. It was big and had a lot of space for everyone. Although we put only 403 hours on it, we probably spent thousand of hours in it just floating or hanging out in a cove.

The boat you are looking at looks nice and clean with low hours. 

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Boat looks nice... I do not have the 247 but the 23 in the same year. No complaints on my end. If you do decide to purchase and need to add ballast, let me know... There are several ways to add additional ballast in the rear lockers from piggy backing into current tanks and adding them as a separate ballast system. I have learned some lessons from mine on piggy backing... If you plan on surfing the boat... it will require a lot of additional weight (even with 17 bodies in it)... You could simply list it (put all weight on one side) but there are several options for keeping it even weighted:

  • Build your own surfgate
    • many plans on here and from strap to platform to automated
  • Build your own "suck gate" 
  • Buy a "suck gate"
  • My favorite option GoSurfAssist
    • It is also known as the WaveController from wake makers.
    • It is a bit pricey,,,  but fully automated and makes a sweet wave ;)
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