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410 or 450 2017 22MXZ

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Hey Crew,

Just getting a 17 22mxz priced up and am curious about what people think about 450 v 410 for that model.

Following along from a previous topic discussing the differences between the 410 and 450 i just wanted to know if the 410 will be enough for a crew of 5 - 7 regularly, plug and play (whatever suits best in bag size). Currently have a 2016 23lsv with 450.

Its a rather major decision considering in Aus the 410 to 450 upgrade is $7500


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I have been out on the 22 a couple of times. For surfing the 410 did fine. You will probably still want to run some extra bow weight, as most Bu's but we never did. I think it will keep the bow rise down a bit. For wakeboarding it did struggle to get on plane. It would get there but took quite a bit and we needed people in the bow. That is with ten people in the boat plus full ballast with 450 PNP's. Same setup for surfing.

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I a big believer that you need to weight a boat "appropriately".  Meaning, PNP is great when there are not a lot of people in your boat, but if I but 10-12 people on the boat, I don't even use PNP.  There are too many factors to take into consideration.  


For example, if you say 2000 extra in bags gives you the best wave you can accomplish with 4 of you in the boat.  Now add 10-12 people in the boat, the wave is going to change simply because of the amount of ballast added. (People in this case).   The 410 is a great motor thus far, I think people just try to push their boats to the limit too often.  Just my .02

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I haven't been in a 450 powered boat, but it may be tough for you to go "back" to a 410 if you are running the 450 in your LSV right now.   For many of us, the 410 in the 23LSV has been plenty of motor, but again, you are probably used to a bit more with your 450.  Too bad you can't get the 17" prop on the 22MXZ with the 410.   


Out of curiosity, what is making you jump from the '16LSV to the '17MXZ?

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Trying out the different models primarily, I would totally go 24 MXZ simply because it has the space of an LSV and the bow of an MXZ. Sadly though Malibu Australia does not manufacture the 24. We also bought out LSV reasonably late in 2016 and I'm impressed that the new MXZ doesn't use carpet, has reversible bench seat, walk through transom and what looks to be a better thought out ballast system. That way I can more accurately determine how much ballast I have rather than just chucking weight onto the full hard tanks.


But who knows, I may jump in the soon to be delivered demo 22 MXZ and decide to stay in the LSV camp.



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Is Ozland mostly flat?   Elevation is a big deal when it comes to boat engines.  I can tell a difference between my boat at 2700 feet (home), 3600 (lake powell), and 1100 (lake mead).  If you are near sea level, then engine upgrades are not nearly as big of a necessity.  

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Another decision making aspect has arisen. FUEL TANK SIZE

2016 23 With 450 - 254 L - 67 Gal

2017 22 MXZ w 450 - 182L - 48 Gal


Currently run the 2016 23 lsv with plug and play (800lbs x 2 rear) 1000lbs front and we go through about 60% fuel in a normal day out (4 - 7 people)


Im a tad worried the MXZ with extra standard ballast (no plug and play) will be monstering that tiny fuel tank??? We dont have a fuel station near the lake so if we get too low its a 20 mins drive into town to re fill on a standard day trip!



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