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Spongy Floor Behind Access Door, '07 LSV


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I have a 2007 LSV and noticed the floor section over the fuel tank towards the very front is spongy in the middle. I have scoured the ends of the internet looking for some sort of way to fix this but haven't found much. From my understanding the floor is honeycombed aluminum, so it might not actually be sagging but is instead just crushing down each time I step on that piece of the floor. Does anyone else have a soft floor in the middle of the fuel tank floor piece towards the ballast pump access port? My boat is in pretty excellent shape and I like to keep up on things, but this just seems like a design flaw. Only once a year I have someone over 200 pounds in my boat.  

More importantly is there a reasonable way to fix this? I am considering using an angle iron underneath to support it but I'm not sure if it will even help. 

I appreciate any advice or thoughts on the subject. 

- Luke

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Did you ever get resolution on this?  I pulled my carpet this winter and found the same honeycomb tank cover to be progressively getting worse, "crushing" on the cut sides where the honeycomb cells were compromised and then working inward over time, especially in the corners.  Aside from some sort of repair the only other viable alternative I found was to switching to 1" thick HDPE as found in the newer boats at about $240.  The problem with that option then becomes a bonding issue if you're attempting to apply EVA flooring directly to it.

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@formulaben -  I pulled my access panel to the rudder - I believe it's probably the same honeycomb material you have for your tank cover.  I have a few depressions where things were dropped on it - and of course a few crushing side (nothing major).  I bent the side back in line, then used a thickened epoxy to "fill the edge" all the way around.  I"m hoping this give the edge a more solid support structure, along with a solid side in which to fold over my eva flooring to adhere to.  I came up with this solution after researching honeycomb panels and found a mfg that provided the panels with an epoxy edge.  We'll see how it holds up.


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