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New Boat + New Location = Big Change for IXFE

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I'd click submit payment on #3 right now, if I had 25 money ;)

I'd be very intrigued to see 5 in person but not sure I'd order it for myself. Number four will looks very good too imo. 

Although I would be putting 6 in my second voting spot. 

So I'd say: 3, 6, 4, 7, 5, 2, 1. Have to go with a new design with the new house and switch to the 25 :)

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Congrats on the big life change... Boat and moving! I am going to have to say #1, but number #4 is a close second. Like you, I am a huge fan of green... And call me crazy, but purple flake looks freakin' awesome on the water.  Resale, probably not great... But it still looks cool!

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Congrats, and best of luck with everything in Dallas! My sister lives there, so, I might try to steal a set behind that monster LSV when I visit her next summer! You will love the jump to the 25, I am sure!

I have to go with schemes 6 and 7...... Or go with classic IXFE. I like the vapor blue, but it just doesn't have the presence that red flake/black has. 

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5 minutes ago, racer808 said:

Out of curiosity, how busy are the Dallas area lakes?  That's a lot of people surrounding those lakes

Pretty awful from Memorial Day - Labor Day, but you can drive about an 1:30 to a river in the boonies and have butter for miles.  March-May and Oct-early Dec are great.  

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I personally really like #2, it's virtually identical to the surfer.  

However between 6 and 7 I would choose 6, because on 7 the transom is black, this area in black is very challenging to keep clean.  Red shows water spots a bit less than black.  

The only one you have pictured I am not a huge fan of is the green.  I also really dig the vapor blue!

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My order of preference would be 3, 4, 2, 1. They all look great though.  Tough call for sure.  I will say this though.  As an owner of a black hull, you will spend a good deal of time keeping the water spots off.  With a 25LSV, there's a whole lot more to deal with than on my RLXI.

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It is my understanding this will be kept in at the lake .And details like in the water 247, or on a lift, or lakeside storage?

figure this answer may have effect on hull color suggestions 


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Congrats @IXFE!  Everything's bigger in TX so the boat should be too.

All of those color schemes are fantastic.  My only thought would be that if the move is going to shut down the dealer relationship that results in the ability to flip, get the color scheme you want, not the one that will sell the best.  I mean don't order the rootbeer metallic with pink accents or anything, but please please please live a little!

And please also tell us you'll be living the dream and looking at your boat on a lift from your deck.

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In "Oregon" I would go with #1 ALL Day but in "Dallas" I think you might have some regrets come July and August. I have a friend with a 247 with the black on the upper deck and if you had your eyes closed you could tell when you were getting close (like 10' away close) to his boat from the heat coming off of the front of the boat and that is in TN! I think I would have to agree with SD, I am kind of digging the green and silver.

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