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24 MXZ


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So, I've owned a couple of 23 lsv's and I love them.  I currently have a 2014 23 lsv with 2 750 lb bags plumbed in the rear, a 15 x 12 prop, the 409 engine, and I throw a 540 lb bag in the bow.  When it is just me and one other person on the boat I can get on plane and make a great wake with the wedge deployed just a notch up from bottom position.  I like to create the biggest wakeboard wake I can while not going crazy on fuel. That being said I've been thinking about a 24 mxz with a 450 engine.  I've heard people say You wouldn't want anything other than the supercharged engine in the 24 mxz or the boat will be a pig.  I would like to hear from some people who have driven a 24 mxz with the 450 engine in high altitude (3000 ft or so) with full bags and wedge deployed.  Also I would like to hear from some people who have driven a 23 lsv with the 450 engine with full bags and wedge deployed.   

Let me know,

Thanks.  Tim

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I would be looking at buying a 2017 or 2018 so it would be best to know about the 2017, but any information will help.  A 17 inch prop should make a difference though.

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The boat with a 450 is far from a pig.  With the 2:1, torque prop, 3 people in the boat, full ballast, PNP, 500lb sac on the floor, and wedge, we still jump on plane no problems.  Top speed with with weight, no wedge was 40mph.  We took off the torque prop and replaced with a speed prop and there was a dramatic difference in the whole shot and had issues getting to plane.   Once on plane, we got to 43mph.  There really is no benefit in the speed prop on a 450 IMO, to gain 3mph, and struggle the way we did.

    Now a 575 will give you the best of all worlds, and can hit 48mph with a speed prop, and still give you whole shot.  But again, now you'd be at 1.76 vs 2:1.

    The 450 is plenty IMO, just leave the torque prop on and your good.

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