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6.0L 450 / TXI


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I am looking at a 2016 Response TXI with the 6.0l 450HP.  I don't know anything about this engine.  I suspect 450 HP would be awesome in a Response.  Any insight good or bad into this engine?  I am assuming this a closed-cooling engine and not raw-water cooled?  

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 BI have a 2013 with an LS3 (6.2l) closed cooling. It has the 450hp.

amazing! So much power. Keeps the rpms low. Great torque. Sounds great and pulls everything and anything.

I would always go closed cooling. But to really answer your question, I have no direct experience with the 6.0

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99.9% sure that a 2016 response would have a pcm/crusader engine.  450 would be their tuned version of LY6 with hot cam.  Has done work in nautiques for years under the name ZR450.  I have this engine in my '16 axis.  so far so good.  In a direct drive ski sled I think it'd be ridiculous overkill (in a good way).

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I ski behind a 2011 response with the Indmar ls3 regularly. It's an awesome boat and it has a great pull. It is like skiing behind a huge granite slab, don't expect any forgiveness during a pull :) 

Skiing in correct form and timing, I ski great behind that boat though! My PB is behind it actually. 

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Your question  and responses really  hits home for me guys

Okay, Here is a Reality check to help you choose your engine...  

We All tend to always want more power..   More power must be better right?  ... But please consider that a bigger more powerful engine is not always the "best" idea for what you are using it for...    I admit i have a reason to be biased right now.

My boat is an 2006  response LXI   I got the upgraded Hammerhead 383 engine.. this engine spits out 400 HP.  and a ton of torque.   And i take great care of it. 780 Hours 

On the plus side...  

1. It sure it is fun to out run  every other inboard waterski boat around me  when i have it flat out at 50MPH.  

2. And it sounds awesome! 

3 More power than i ever really needed. 


On the minus side. 


1  more power than i ever really needed

2  It sounds awesome( but also loud and hard to hear others) 

3  I don't really need to run at 50 MPH for any real reason not even bare footing 

4 It requires premium fuel 

5 it burns through the 42 gallon tank  in a day and a half of  normal activity.   AND At full throttle it will Drain the whole tank in an just two hours.     back when the price of premium was high  5.25 a gallon..  that works out to $200.00 in gas for the weekend  and that didn't even include the gas for my truck to tow it. 

 6 It is a stoker motor  so it burns a bit of oil..  1 qt every 20 hours   (this is normal) 

7 that motor was about a $4000 extra over the standard 

8  the standard motor will get you to 45 MPH.  this  one gets you to 50   (that is a lot of money needed to get 60 extra HP  only to get  a 5MPH difference  which also clues you in to just how much resistance that water is giving you at those speeds) 

9 the engine redline turns at a higher RPM 5200  so you have to put a higher pitch prop on the boat  13x13   vs  standard 13x12  to keep it from hitting red line

10 since it is proped higher it puts more  torque strain on the prop shaft.. my prop shaft broke the year before last.  

11 That puts additional strain throughout the transmission and  t engine crankshaft  as well as all the parts.

12 In a car you may have a 400HP engine but 99% of the time You are not using all the HP and torque and your RPMS are below 2000 RPMS. Only 1% of the time are you using the engine to its full capability. When you  compare that to a boat it is the opposite.   Your boat  is running at nearly  full power and full torque . which is above 3000 RPMS  combined with (tremendous drag from the water   which is why we dont need brakes )its entiire life.    This puts tremendous strain on the entire driveline.

13 some of those driveline parts may not  all be up for that kind of abuse that comes with that combination  of   High torque, High Horsepower, AT High RPMS  for long durations . Which is exactly how we use these boats most of the time. 

14  how do i  know all this? Well my Crankshaft just broke.  I have been talking to a lot of people lately and am learning quite a few things.      and now  i need a whole new engine..  it is clearly a manufacturing defect in the crank  as it happened  not inside the engine but rather where the harmonic balancer attaches.  ( this is very rare) 

15 Can it be fixed?  yes, but it is more cost effective to simply get a whole new long block engine with a warrantee

16 How much does a new Indmar 383 cost?    About $8000. 

17.   We drivers all tend to push our boats to their limits.. sacking them out  with ballast, Wedges,  People and stuff,  not to mention the massive 100lb beer cooler for everyone. Then try to run our boats hard on them. 

Well that engine of mine is based on a Vortec 350  small block.. that originally was meant originally for cars and pickups and produced about 250Hp   well now we are pushing that same platform to over 400HP..  and using every bit of that power frequently.. so no wonder things start breaking..


I dont know about you...   But i am going to stay away from stroke motors in a boat..  instead if you need the HP move to a big block that will be better equipped to handle the stresses.. 

For me.. i think the best upgrade to my boat might just be a downgrade in the engine

I'm thinking  seriously about putting in a regular 350  because it will perform nearly as well  but without wanting to tear itself apart at just 780 hours..  

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eh...I don't think the drivetrain stress in a response at ski speeds is anywhere close to the drivestrain stress a 10000# vdrive makes at wide open throttle trying to get on plane.  That said, the hammerheads were no known for their longevity.  Arguably the most problem prone engine ever used.  I've seen ski school boats with many thousands of hours and no issues.  This is a hammerhead issue not a "more powerful engine issue".

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What can I say, it have the Indmar 6.0 ltr 409. Power is unbelively strong and constant tourq 

throughout the rpm's to WOT. Running the Acme 515 prop,  Love the performance and gowel.

 450 HP,  will be  outrageously nice! As per holden's comments.

Like i like to say, Go big or go home.... lol...lol...lol...

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Just on a side note I forgot to mention,  I didnt order my TXi, she came into the dealer on a Thursday in Oct. unanounsed, I saw her that Sat. and bought.

Dealer was " Mums  the word " weekend before when I was there discussing builds, then whent back ...whala. Dealer, PWS, had ordered the Pearl Edition for the boat show. So to my point, if I had of ordered I would have gone with the LS3 6.2. :rockon: as like Holden, but couldn't be happier with the L96.. You can't go wrong!

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For me I had no need for all the power. If I would have bought something with 400 HP I would end up with long arms and a short wallet. My wife does a good job pulling me but not the best rolling into the throttle! It would have been one more thing to coach her on. I do love cruse control although she is good with speed but it gives her more time not watching the speed so much.  

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