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Transmission locked up?


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I was surfing my '16 A20 this afternoon and all of a sudden the engine quit without any warning.  No lights, no beeps, nothing.  I thought maybe I had hit something but where we were on the lake there shouldn't have been anything to hit.  I turned off the key, waited a couple minutes going over what could have happened with all my passengers and decided to try to start the engine.  It fired right up without any issue.  No problems with temp or oil pressure.  Smooth idle.  When I went to put the boat in gear the engine quit again.  I immediately thought something might be wrapped around the prop/driveshaft.  I started the boat again and tried to put it in reverse.  Again it died immediately.  We got towed back to the dock and put the boat up on the lift.  I couldn't see anything wrapped around any part of the running gear.  I tried to spin the prop by hand and couldn't move it.

I checked the engine oil and it was good.  I checked the short yellow transmission dipstick and saw fluid on it so I believe that should be good too.  I checked the bilge area around the engine and didn't see where any fluids had leaked out.

Any ideas what might have caused the transmission to lock up?

I will bring the boat to the dealer next week but thought I'd run this by the board and see if anyone has experienced anything similar.

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3 hours ago, oldjeep said:

Try disconnecting one of the shift solenoid plugs and see if you can get forward or reverse.  Possible you have a short and it is engaging both of them.

Thanks for the suggestion but I don't know what/where these are, and I won't have the boat in the water again before the dealer has a look.  I will mention this to them when I drop it off though.

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I finally got my boat back yesterday.  The dealer replaced the v-drive.  It had seized up.  I was informed there was some sort of issue with the vent allowing oil to escape.  The repair was completely covered under the warranty.

I can't wait to get back out on the water!

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My V Drive recently went out as well I have an '16 Axis T23 with the Crusader/PCM 450.  I had the recall done, but I am not sure if that was on the V Drive or Transmission for the vent off the top of my head honestly.   We were just heading out cruising at fairly low speed as we filled the ballast when we heard/felt a bang.  Initially I thought we hit something but were not in an area that we should have.  I looked behind the boat for a log or something and nothing.  Bumped up the power to see if we felt a vibration and nothing.  Then stopped and tried reverse, engine died.  Started the boat up tried forward and it worked but heard an unusual grinding sound.  Tried reverse again and it worked but decided to shut down and get towed.  Long story short the V drive was bad and needed to replace.  It was done under warranty and my dealer got it done quickly which was nice and a relief.  

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