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2007 VTX Upgrade


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Hi all,

So I just found out that my significant others is getting a discount throw her work at Rockford throw a partnership they now have. She asked if we want anything new for the boat.  I am not sure what to get for a new set up.  I was looking at going all wetsound at one point but never ended up pulling the trigger.  Currently as far as interior speakers go I have 4 stock Power speaks run by the deck.  nothing crazy.  I have 2 pairs of Wetsound Pro 60's on the tower powered by a wetsound amp and a Kicker 10" sub powered by a JL amp.  both the amp and sub were pretty much free so I put them in the boat.  I don't really want to mess with the tower speakers but would love to get more sound out of the sub and interior speakers.    so if you had to get only Rockford Fosgate equipment what would you do. 

I think the stock 4 speakers are 6"  could I move up to 6.5" cabin speakers? and then just add 2 speakers to the existing hole in the bow of the boat I just need to cut the Vinyl I believe.  I am not sure what amp to get to power either a upgraded 4 speaker set up or a 6 speaker setup and a sub.

The budget would be about 1K after 40% discount.  so that moves thing to about $1600 MSRP but would really really like to stay below that.  I don't want to be the loudest boat on the water but I want to make a little more racket when we are at the sand bar.

also last time her work did this the discount was only good for about 2 weeks so I need to make moves fast.  sadly the boat is away for storage so I cant measure what size speakers to get or how much depth I have to work with.  I am ok wit doing some cutting and fabricating but nothing too crazy.

Thanks ahead of time for any and all help.

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If you are getting 40% off RF "MSRP" prices (on the web site) it'll cost more than you can buy their stuff for on Amazon - so you really don't have much of a bargain opportunity.  Wait to measure the boat.  I fit 8 inch speakers in my 2005 LSV cabin.

If it is 40% off typical prices then that would be great.  Suggest 8 inch PM282 for the cabin, 6.5 inch PM 2625 for the dash (you'll need spacers) and whatever Class D amps you need.  IMHO, no need to get the marine amps.

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3 hours ago, wbwakesetter said:

would love to get more sound out of the sub

Need to know where the bar is set right now, in order to make a recommendation that would actually equate to an output upgrade. Do you know what woofer series it is and what JL amp? Sealed or ported enclosure? is it radiating into the main cabin or stowed in an insulated locker? 

Pretty much everybody makes a 6.5" in-boat, so yes, by default, you would go with Rocford's 6.5 as a near drop-in replacement. I do like the idea if 2 pair of larger speakers in the main cabin, if they would fit. Considerable difference between a 6.5 and an 8" speaker.

If you have windshield/dash mounted speakers, I would suggest at least a 6 chnl amp or two 4 chnls. One for the main cabin if the 8's will fit and 2nd for dash pair and bow pair.  

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