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2016 450hp vs 2014 555hp 24 MXZ


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I currently have a 2014 24 MXZ with the 555hp supercharged motor.  I am less than 24 hours away from buying a new 2016 with the 6.2L 450hp non supercharged and wanted to hear everyones take on this.  My local dealer, Taylors Boats (awesome by the way) say it will be plenty of juice but my previous 2 Malibus all I have had is the biggest motor available so Im a little reluctant.  Anyone made this same change?


Thanks in advance,


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I have a 2014 23LSV with the LSA and I demoed a 2016 with the 450.  To me they weren't in the same ballpark and even my wife thought the same thing.


The 450 is capable and certainly does the job with the new ratio, but it does take a bit more time to get up to surf/wake speed and the noise is much greater.  Keep in mind the gear ratios are different.  Your MXZ is running 1.25:1.  I wouldn't be afraid to buy the 450, because it does the job, but if you've always splurged for the biggest motor (I'm that guy too) you'll definitely notice the difference.


I take it you've already demoed it right?  What did you think?

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I am guessing that being from SLC and boating at higher elevations you will see a huge diference in boat between a naturally aspirated 450 and forced induction 555.   At your elevation the 450 may be down 20% on power and the 555 will maintain close to the rated power.


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Its gonna be close.  The 15/16 have PW2 which allows lift mode for launch, however the foil is also larger creating more drag when deployed.  (having had 14 and 15 24 MXZ i can say the PW2 is HUGE improvement)  

The second challenge is the normally aspirated 450 is going to be down roughly 19% due to atmosphere at 6000 feet.   The supercharged engines dont lose as much power by nature, plus your 100+ ft/lb TQ more and 100+ HP higher before atmospheric losses.   I would not make that jump without a test drive.   I highly doubt you had 30%+ power in reserve on your '14,  So the '16 will likely strugle if you run significant weight, if you dont run heavy you may be OK.

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I went for a demo this am and was very pleasantly surprised. Aside from it being freezing cold (November in Utah...) the boat preformed well. Full ballast plus, 1100lbs in pnp, plus 1200lbs in fat sacks on the floor and about 460 lbs in humans. We got it to run out at 30mph with lift on pw2. With pw2 full deploy, it did struggle but I figured that was the equivalent of an extra MXZ in weight and we were at 6200' elevation. I think I am going to roll with the 16 450. Thanks for the input guys. DarkSide, throw a pick of the silver surfer up when you have a min please. 

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If I were buying my boat today, the one thing I would change is I would go for the supercharged engine.  IMO, the 450 is not enough at elevation.  But maybe with PW2 and the different gearing your results will be better.

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I am near sea level and the 450 would have been fine....but NOBODY ever said they wished they'd gotten a smaller motor.  I love my 575 in the 24 MXZ, but like Darkside, I put a ton of weight (Not nearly as much as in the Silver Surfer) but a lot....

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