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2017 HeyDay Update... Still ugly


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Yep - very ugly.  Looks like a bathtub on water.  You really can't fit much for people in that and it doesn't look very comfortable.  

I think it is supposed to be cheaper, but day'em.

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In 14 or 15 they were CDP delivering on a trailer for $35000, i would have bit maybe for that. I wonder what a 9 option a20 in basic white axis would go for ordered today. Mine CDP delivered with galvanized painted trailer was $59000 ordered new in 13' for a 14'. My bet is you could still do it for $63000 CDP brand new delivered with galvanized trailerdepending on your sales tax, mine was 7%.  Chillax seat or wind block (for new models have wind screen????!) cause A series with out wrap around windshield is barely adequate fir winter riding, the wake tractor is s summer bayou only boat.

that must be their generic scheme like axis, ugly as sin, looks a lot diff on metal flake just like mine does.  

Ugly yes, lots of displacement for a short boat, yes.  I think they went above their price point and the $35000 boats were with color schemes.

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42 minutes ago, Skin2Win said:

Super ugly but........... Is it weird that I want to drive one?  Kind of looks like fun.  For a day anyways, then the novelty would wear off I think.

Imagine this boat and some young kids if it was priced more appropriately on a warm spring or summer day on a bayou or river, think back to that 16 ft metal flat and 70hp Johnson with actual steering wheel cockpit(instead of the hand steered tiller version you also combo skiid behind) that you learned to slalom behind and now transport that summer experience to this boat and the same warm water river or bayou and some 20 something's in a boat, any of you guys have an imagination !!  I remember the Lilly pads falls till this day and the kill each other kneeboard wars, we were actually landing on each other to take each other out. I always took the long rope to dupe them into it !

i guess you guys didn't learn two skis with the Coast Guard orange life preserver around your neck, y'all don't know how cool uncool really was

coolest was laying over the front of the flat boat with half your body over the edge to get the big guy or beginners up slalom looking down at the glass and hull splashes and then resetting to the metal bench seat to pull em.

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3 hours ago, bamaboy said:

40K and your dignity

But just think of how much less heartache youd have.  Red Wine?  SURE bring it on.  Cheetos?  Bring em.  Beach that baby all day with no worries.  F150 could tow it, :P. 

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