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High Oil Pressure

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I have a 98 Malibu Echelon.  Gen II Monsoon.  It has been reading high oil pressure (70 or sometimes approaching 80psi) when at higher rpms.  It drops to 50 or so when idling.  It used to always read 40 at idle and 60 or so at higher rpms.  I replaced the oil pressure sending unit earlier this summer.  I think it started reading high right after that.  So either I actually have high oil pressure and didn't know it before I replaced the sender or I don't have high oil pressure and the sender is showing the wrong reading.  The boat runs exactly the same now as it did before the unit was replaced.  I run Rotella SN CG 15W-40 oil.  I always have as this was recommended to me at some point.  It is pretty thick oil, thought I never had a high oil pressures issue in the past unless the water was very cold (which it is now).  There is not excess oil in the engine.  Any suggestions on what I do?  Thanks. 

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Couple thoughts

1) I get a bit over 50 psi at idle 70-75 psi when over about 3500 rpm

2) Swap out the sender?  They are what, $20

3) Attach a mechanical gauge via short stub and see what that says?

Seems like a bad/out of spec sender (either the old one or new one) since there is really nothing that would cause you to see 10psi more at the low end unless you have restriction in the oil system that happened at the same time.

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Anyone have better guidance for oil pressure min/max range besides the ones in the engine manual?  It lists an insanely low 4psi min (hot) at idle and 18psi min (hot) at 2000rpm for 1994-2002 model engines.  Mostly interested in max psi.

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Below 20psi at idle, hot engine, starts to get spooky for me.  Healthy engine, with tight clearances, is more like 35-40 psi, at idle, when hot.

Cruising at 3k, hot engine, 55-60 psi is good.  With the engine cold, at 3k or 3.5k, I see 80-90 psi on mine.  Seems a little high, but really doesn't bother me, the oil pressure relief valve is doing all it can.

I have both the factory gauge and an aftermarket mechanical gauge in my boat.  They are surprisingly close.

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The weak link for high oil pressure is probably the oil filter, finding those specs may be the priority.  Two reasons, you don't want to overpressure the filter material or open the bypass valve (if equipped).

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