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Wakeboarding Line Length


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Just got our first boat this year. Have wakeboarded a few times here and there as a a teenager and in college, and would say I'm a beginning wakeboarder - can some basic airs / grabs / 180 slides and slayshes.

I believe our rope is 70 or 75' - I've been riding at almost full length, but haven't been able to go wake 2 wake as yet. I'm guessing I'm riding the rope too long for my speed / ability, but wanted to get the crew's feedback.

I usually ride at 21 on the speed control. I think I'm getting decent height and speed into the the airs - 4-5ft up and in control.

Should I try going to 60ft?

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I would start at a shorter length and get used to, then move back as you feel comfortable. Pay attention to your wake so you are coming across in the right spot.

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Since you are in control and doing grabs etc, I wouldn't move it too far in. That's a step in the wrong direction progression wise. It may help your confidence to go back to 60 or 65' just to get the feeling of landing over the 2nd wake. Given your current ability, you should be able to clear the wakes at 65' I think. I would see what it's like there before I went any shorter. Generally, a true beginner is at 55-60' and moves out as his/her ability allows to get more air time. If you don't like it in close, you can always add it back...give it a shot!

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There is a spot on the wake that is ideal based on your speed, ballast, boat, etc. If you look at the wake, there is about a 4 to 5 foot spot right before the lip turns that is the ideal spot for jumping. You can move the spot up or back based on the same variables listed above. What I found is that if you set up the rope to that spot then base your speed and rope length accordingly, you can get the ideal speed, rope length etc, for your ability. Check it out.

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I agree with what everyone said. I feel allot of it is just how you ride and your opinion. I have allot of friends who ride with me and enjoy riding at 70'. Yet I don't like that length, cause I'm always landing in the flats and it's tough on my knees. I personally like it at '75' cause it's a smother landing for me on the other wake.

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