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Port Side Surf Wave Issues- Girlfriend is Pissed


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We have a great surf wave on the starboard side of our 2005 Wakesetter VLX but continually struggle to get the port side wave to clean up. We're listing the boat with the same setup on either side but it seems like the wave when surfing the port side is messed up from the rotation of the prop 'throwing' the water towards the wave. The wave is surfable but is just not as nice or clean as the starboard side. Does anyone else experience this problem and /or have a suggestion to fix this issue? We're totally happy with the wave on the other side listing the boat. Should I just buy one of the aftermarket wake shapers and run an evenly weighted boat or will the port side still have issues due to the rotation of the prop?

Pretty much everyone in our crew surfs goofy except my girlfriend who is regular. She's frustrated because we cant get a clean wave on the port side and I'm frustrated since she's pissed. Help a guy out!

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We use a home made suction-cup gate, but even with it, we still have to list the boat slightly for regular surfers.  This is usually done with people sitting on the left.  Ballast still equal left/right.

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6 hours ago, Stevo said:

What ballast / wedge set up you running?

Front and center tanks full, surf side tank full, 800# bag in surf side locker, 350# bow bag or people, additional 2-4 people sitting on surf side. Wedge down (last year before power wedge). 

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Tell her to learn how to surf goofy.:) Or buy a wakeshaper. It should help some, but even on a boat with surfgate the goofy side is always huge and regular is usually good. 

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Change your speed, less weight on that side than starboard , from what I recall it is a steep short wave on the port side if you weighted it the same as the goofy ( starboard) side. Also be carefull not to bury the fuel vent on that side! In the past, people that listed their boats would move the fuel vent forward. Easier yet, get a suckgate.

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More weight.  Change your locker back to a 1100.  It may not fill all the way but will add more weight.  Get a few hundred pounds of lead to move around to experiment.  Are you using the wedge?  If you are happy with the wave but getting spray issues, you can also build a surf flap (something I had to do after the FAE install).

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I have a 2012 VLX, so it's a different hull.  But, I was having similar issues while listing.  I bought the Mission Delta and now both side waves are fantastic (the goofy wake is still a bit better, but both sides are great).  And I have 800's in both locker, 800 on the floor and the 1250 stock filled.  I really can't imagine going back to listed.  Between the hassle and time switching, and the much more predictable wave (not nearly as sensitive, e.g. where people sit, than listed) it is just a way better experience.  It's the best $500 you'll spend.

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buy a mission delta! You'll immediately question the cost when it arrives and you assemble it but the results are amazing. I need to edit some go-pro footage but once done i'll post the difference of pre and post fitting the mission delta.

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I have a 247 and I know it's a bigger boat, but I surf port side always. My wave is enormous with a lot of push. I have a 1100 in the port rear locker, 1150 L sac on port rear corner seats , 750 in bow and all factory ballast full. At 10-10.4 with wedge two clicks from all the way down. I'm 225 and I can ride 15-20ft back. The key is to weight that starboard side rear locker just with factory ballast. It made a huge difference in length and push for my boat. I'm not using any type of wake shaper. Will get you some pics this weekend of the wave 

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Is your wake shapper adjustable? Some of the threads I read were almost at 90degrees to get a good port side wave. What is the size of the wave plate 8x10 or 10x 12? 

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