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Input needed - hull damage

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I was on Rollins Lake in Nor Cal today, which on a Wednesday was a virtual private lake, but when I went to attach the rear tie down straps at the end of the day I noticed some hull damage near one of the bunks.  I don't know when it happened, though I am guessing it could have happened on 4th of July weekend at Clear Lake and I missed it then and the only other time I have been out since then until today.   It's on the starboard side along one of edges of my 06 23 LSV.

I snapped a couple pics with the iPhone to get a look at it.  It's just a few inches in from the back as you can see in the bottom pic.  It looks like it is mostly the gel coat that is damaged but wondering what others think?  Is this mostly a cosmetic issue that can be repaired in the offseason or does this mean my offseason just started?

If anyone in Nor Cal knows of a good spot to take this for repair that would be helpful as well.  Thanks for your help on this!





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Just now, Steve B. said:

Hm, if it looks like it's leaking into the hull I'm thinking fix it now. Looks like it is possibly more than cosmetic. Um, what do you think caused this?

Steve B.

I'm not entirely sure, but my best guess is that it happened when we had to put the boat on a lift at house we rented, but could not fully take out of water because other boats were tied to dock/lift and the water got pretty rough.  

I don't think anything is leaking into the hull because the bilge is usually bone dry and I didn't see any water in at least the center ski locker today.

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Hard to tell the extent of the damage from the pics but you could probably do a quick and dirty epoxy smear to keep water out and then get it done right in the off season.  Make sure to use marine epoxy that will set and cure in contact with wet surfaces.  When the pros get a hold of it they'll grind it all away.

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 You don't want water to get in around the fiberglass. It can soak in and cause separation down the road. I would get what is called cab–O–sil  and mix that with resin and hardener.  This will form a paste that you can use to fill in and shape that void for the time being. Ultimately, someone will need to grind it, repair it and apply gelcoat.  If you were going to do it yourself, your biggest issue will be lifting the boat up so you can work on it 

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thanks for all your input.  upon closer inspection I can see some fiberglass damage so opting to just play it safe and get it fixed before dropping in the water again.

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